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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Videos and Pictures

I finally managed to get some of the cute Hannah videos I've been collecting uploaded to google. So, now you have many minutes of viewing to enjoy! I also finally got Hannah's 5 m0nth/Christmas portraits scanned in too. Once again it took me until they were almost a month old to get it done, but oh well. They're super cute so it's worth it.

Some brief updates are that Hannah has decided that she loves her sweet potatoes, but really does not care for her new barley cereal. She makes an awful face each time I give her a spoonful of it. She's not to the point of spitting it out, but you can definitely tell she doesn't care for it. Today I mixed a spoonful of her sweet potatoes in with it and that seemed to make the cereal go down easier so I may have to make that little trick a permanent feature.

Hannah got her bangs trimmed again last night for the second time in her life. They are now really short and out of her eyes which is a good thing.

Last night Hannah gave me several scares because she has decided that she really wants to be a belly sleeper. Twice when I went to check on her she was on her belly. One of the times she had her head turned to the side so it would be easier to breathe, but the other time she had her head face down on the mattress with her nose and mouth buried. That really scared me. Then when I went to get her up this morning she was on her belly again playing with her crib bumper.

She goes to her 6 month well baby check up on Monday which will also serve as a follow up visit for her pneumonia. She'll get her next round of vaccinations and this time I'll be on my own since Kyle won't be able to get away from work. I must say I'm not looking forward to dealing with the after shot cries and pouting, but I am really curious to see how much she weighs now and how long she is.
This first video is of Hannah trying to catch the fish on the mobile of her swing. She's just about getting too big for her swing because she can now sit up independently and she leans way forward in the seat of the swing :(
This video is of Hannah helping Kyle read the paper. One of her new favorite activities is shredding and then chewing on newspapers and magazines. The Christmas wrapping paper was a huge treat because it was extra crinkly and shiny!
Here Hannah was just starting to be able to sit up on her own with just the boppy for support. It was also her first day with pig tails.
Hannah kept nodding off and waking up as Kyle was trying to burp her on Christmas Eve.
Here is Hannah opening one of her presents on Christmas Day. She really did enjoy tearing all the paper. She actually started to get a little bit annoyed with me because I kept taking the paper away from her as soon as she would tear it off and try to put it in her mouth.
Hannah had been being a stinker about eating cereal for Kyle (or anyone else for that matter). She would only eat for me. But, for some reason this night she was SUPER excited to be eating her cereal from Dad. I think it was the newness of getting to eat on the couch on Dad's lap instead of in her highchair. She knocked both the bowl and spoon out of his hands more than once during the meal!
Hannah was sitting up on her own and talking to Sadie, our cat, as she walked around her.
Hannah enjoys falling back onto the pillows when she gets tired of sitting up on her own.
Hannah got a case of the giggles while playing with Kyle and her Nemo fish.
If you listen closely you can actually hear Hannah sucking water out of her cup. She's much better drinking from it now than she was in this video that was taken close to 3 weeks ago!
To see the videos just click on the link and enjoy!

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