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Friday, October 05, 2007

PA Trip

Last weekend we drove to PA to attend a wedding. It was a whirlwind trip. We left Wednesday after Kyle got off of work, drove to Indy to pick up Kevin and then drove to OH and stayed at Baba's farm. Hannah was a good girl for most of that trip, but then woke up about an hour out from the farm. She remained awake until 4:00am! That was seriously rough night because she was absolutely hysterical any time we tried to put her to bed. We got up early Thursday and drove the rest of the way into PA and stayed at Kyle's uncle and aunt's house. We just hung out most of the day on Friday and then went to the wedding on Saturday. Hannah did not want to sit and be quiet for the ceremony, so I spent the entire time outside with her trying to keep her out of trouble. The reception really wasn't much better. It was packed and not baby friendly. We managed to make it through dinner, but then went back to Kyle's uncle's house to just relax before our big trip home. We drove straight through from PA all the way back to IN on Sunday because both Kyle and Kevin had work on Monday. Hannah was really good on the trip back. I would estimate that when you totalled all the driving we did on the entire trip we had less than an hour worth of cry time from Hannah. I think that's pretty good considering how long she was cooped up in her car seat.

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