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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Count

Hannah continues to be a counting machine. She counts almost everything she can find. She can go all the way to 10 by herself although she hasn't grasped the fact that each number corresponds to an object so she'll continue counting after she runs out of objects by simply counting the available objects over until she reaches her goal! :) She gets such joy out of counting that she reminds me of The Count from Sesame Street. When she gets to a predetermined number in her head she then claps for herself like mad and cheers.

Sleep continues to be an ongoing battle. I keep thinking we've got it because we will have several days of cry free bedtimes and naps and then we have a day like today where she absolutely refuses to go to sleep. She is currently in her crib alternately crying and calling out to me or just shouting out random things that she thinks will get my attention. There are days when I wonder if she is old enough to know that she can say certain things that will get her out of her crib such as "I'm hurt/hungry/thirsty/etc" It's on days like this that she goes through all of those biggies in succession trying to see if any of them will work. Right now she's saying, "Tell Mommy, oh baby, my baby. Crib please pick up."

Tomorrow she has her 18 month well child check-up so hopefully the doctor will be able to offer some suggestions for our sleep issues and will be able to give us some insight into what she might actually be thinking and if she could be deliberately playing the "Help I'm hurt!" card on purpose just to lure us into her room. I will also be interested to see what her growth is. She doesn't really feel much heavier than her last appointment to me, but I do think that she's grown height wise. I keep taking her to the shoe store to have her feet measured because I think her shoes are getting tight, but each time I go they tell me that she's still a 6.5 extra wide.

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