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Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Woked Up

Hannah has been quite the precocious little girl lately (really what's new?) and has been coming up with all sorts of phrases, song lyric remixes, and stalling techniques that really keep us on our toes. One of her current favorite lines is "I woked up." She uses this when she wakes up from a nap or in the morning as well as when she's been supposed to be napping, but doesn't want to and is trying to get out of her room to do something that she's been told she can ONLY do after she naps. She's also started knocking on her door to ask to get out of her room. That is pretty funny/cute, but also awfully hard to ignore when you'd rather be sleeping! Tonight when I was putting her to bed she started singing along with me as I was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her and each time we got to the end of a line she would shout the last word. It was so hard for me to keep a straight face and keep singing like nothing was wrong. I knew she was just gearing up for a confrontation that would postpone bedtime, but it was funny none the less because it was clever and a new trick in her arsenal. Speaking of singing, lately Hannah has been inventing new words to songs she already knows all the lyrics too. She's not accidentally misquoting the lyrics, she's deliberately singing something different because she thinks it's funny. For example, she knows all the words to the ABC song and recently she started inserting random words/names of people into the middle of the song. The song goes something like this, "ABCDEF Daddy HIJKLMNO Mommy QRSTU tree WXY and Kevin. Sometimes she uses the same word for all the interludes, sometimes it's a different word every time, sometimes she starts back up with the next letter and sometimes the missing letter is actually replaced by the inserted word like in the example above. It amazes me that she can think up a word to insert, remember what letter or line of a song she left off with, and pick back up with the correct letter/line of the song after the new word all without missing a beat or pausing in the tempo of the song at all. My favorite of them all was Twinkle Twinkle little Mommy :) My little girl makes me smile so much!

A new academic skill that Hannah is beginning to pick up is identifying the letter a word begins with just by it's sound. I bet I quizzed her with 30 words the other day while she was sitting on the potty (I tried to mix it up and use words we have used as examples of starting with a certain letter, words we've never mentioned in conjunction with letters before, and words that I thought she might never have even heard before) and she correctly identified the beginning letter of at least 20 of them. A few words she missed she had the right sound but wrong letter. Sun and jelly for example she said started with c and g respectively. Another new thing I found her doing the other day was playing with her Little People A-Z Learning Zoo all by herself. Don't get me wrong, she plays with it all the time by herself, but this time I came in to find her to have correctly placed about a dozen of the 26 animals on their corresponding alphabet circles on the zoo mat.

Up until now, Hannah has had no interest in naming any of her stuffed animals, toys, dolls, etc, but all of a sudden she decided to name her 3 Breyer horses that Aunt Heather gave her. I've tried to trick her to see if the names are set in stone or if they would change every time, but so far she's been resolute and doesn't like to be questioned much about her decision! She named one of them Mia and the other two are both named Jack-o. She has been playing with them constantly and always makes me be the same one of the Jack-o's even if I ask to be a different one.

One exciting milestone Hannah had was her first nap that she woke up dry from. That particular day she went the entire day without a single accident even while sleeping. I was so proud of her, but she didn't seem to be all that concerned one way or the other. She's getting much better about telling us when she needs to pee, but she's still far from telling us every time and we still have a lot of accidents after about 2:00pm or so. I'm not sure if she's just tired and doesn't notice or if she's just fed up with paying attention! Either way, our track record for staying dry while awake after say about noon is drastically worse than before noon.

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