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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Tie-Dye Project

Last May a kindergartner named Alex Barton was voted out of his classroom based on a suggestion from his teacher because his Asperger's Syndrome made him a nuisance in the classroom and landed him in the principal's office often. His mother Melissa started the Tie-Dye project to help connect kids across the world with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Hannah received a T-Shirt from Nigel from Oregon last week and was thrilled. She wants to meet him and play with him! The way the tie-dye project works is after you receive your shirt, you make 5 more shirts and mail them out to other kids (or adults, since adults need love too) on the spectrum. Hannah has 4 t-shirts left to give out. If you or your child would like a shirt please leave me a comment on the blog with your email address and I'll contact you to get your mailing address and t-shirt size. Hannah is really excited about making shirts for other people so please don't be shy about asking for one since I'm worried we don't know enough others on the spectrum who don't already have a shirt to fulfil the 5 shirt requirement.


China said...

If you haven't found your other four friends on the Spectrum, she can send Orangeboy one.
He wears a youth med and loves green and orange.

Mama said...

Orangeboy is down for a shirt! Yeah! You are my first taker from the blog!

Anyone else out there want a shirt?
Hannah is absolutely dying to get started.

Morgan said...

Hi. I'm a teacher catching up on my autism blogs... Are you still doing this project? I would love to get some of my families involved. Is there more information somewhere? Or can I privately send you an address? My email address is THanks!

Mama said...

Morgan, I have 3 shirts left. I'd gladly add some of your students to our list. Feel free to pass my blog info along to them, or if they don't have internet access let me know and I can get their information from you and hopefully get their T-shirts going.

China, Don't think we've forgotten about Orangeboy. I've been waiting until we had all the shirts spoken for so we can do all of them in one session. If I don't get more takers soon we'll get started on Orangeboy's shirt so he doesn't have to wait too long.