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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper just may be my undoing. It really and truly may drive me into the loony bin. Every kid plays with the toilet paper roll at one point or another, or so I've heard, but Hannah seems to have taken it a step farther. For the past few months she has become obsessed with toilet paper, but she's not just randomly unrolling the roll. Instead, she's tearing off pieces, sometimes little and sometimes big, and shoving them inside things, usually bodily orifices. So far I've found toilet paper stuffed inside the fins of the radiator in the bathroom, inside the faucet, between the tube and the rod that holds the toilet paper to the wall, between her toes, inside her ears, in her mouth, between her labia, between her butt cheeks, large wads inside her underwear, shoved in the toes of her shoes, under her arm pits, and most recently 4 tiny balls shoved deeply inside each nostril.

In other news, we had house guests last weekend for Hannah's birthday party. My mom, sister, and cousin all flew in from Indiana. Hannah was in her glory with 3 extra adults to dote on her. She was completely exhausted by the end of the weekend though! They brought Hannah tons of princess/ballerina paraphernalia, her favorite of which was fingernail polish. Hannah absolutely adores having her nails painted, but I don't own any nail polish. The cutest part of the whole scenario is that for some reason she can't say toenail polish. Instead, she says paw nailish. How precious is that!?!

Leading up to my family's visit Hannah felt the need to go over and over family relationships. She wanted to know how each person related to both her and me, for example Heather is my sister, but her aunt. Mom is my mother, but her grandmother. Today she started back in on the family relationships. When we got to my sister, Hannah stated that when she was bigger she would be a sister too. I explained that she was already a sister to Kayla and Chase (Tiffany's twins). Then she noted that when my friend Sarah has her baby her friend Evelyn will be a big sister. Sensing she was getting it I said, "That's right!" Then she proved me wrong by stating very matter-of-factly, "Now I'm a little sister because I'm little, but I'm growing now and when I'm grown I'll be big and I'll be a big sister then." It's hard to argue with that kind of logic!

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Anonymous said...

hi dear! it's me, this mom, aka kyra. i'm in rhode island for another week or two. please feel free to email me to see if we can get together and stomp in this rain!

my computer woes may mean i'll be slow to respond but i WILL respond!!