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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kid's Say the Darndest Things

More and more often Hannah says things that just crack me up. Most of the time I forget to write them down and barely even manage to remember what they are long enough to tell Kyle when he gets home, but I've been trying to get better about it. Here are a few of the highlights from the past couple of weeks.

The scene: Hannah has been fooling around during lunch trying to stall going down for her nap. She tries her favorite avoidance tactic of saying she has to go to the bathroom. While on the toilet she starts playing with the toilet paper. I enter to scold her and warn her that if she doesn't straighten up lunch will be over and it will be nap time.

M: If you don't stop playing around you will go right upstairs!

H: (in a shocked voice) With no wiping?!?!

I had to fight back the urge to pull out one of my favorite lines from the Princess Bride on that one, "Inconceivable!"

The scene: Playing with the stethoscope in her doctor kit.

H: Oh no! I can't hear your heart beeping Mommy!

I wonder if she knows she's not far off in her beeping description since that's how it sounds on the EKG machines!?!

If wishes were horses. . . . . or should I say unicorns?

H: I wish I had a unicorn in my backyard to ride.

H: I wish milk could come out of the sink.

Do they make milk taps like they do for beer?

H: I want to do it by my own.


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Michelle O'Neil said...

AW. So sweet! She is precious.