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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good Week

You would have thought with as crazy as our week as been, adding a new member and all, that Hannah would have completely melted down either at home (most likely) or at school. Surprisingly that has not happened!  She's had a wonderful week by our standards and amazing if you consider she went from only child to big sister with very little warning.  Even her teacher has reported very good days this week.  I suspect that this is simply the honeymoon period from our big change, but I'll take it whatever the reason. What I'm nervous about is that Kyle is going to Germany next week and now instead of being a pseudo single mom of one school aged kid for a week I'm going to be a single mom to two kids, one of whom is a toddler for a week!  Let's hope I'm up for the strain! 

Hannah continues to enjoy her swim lessons.  She's getting more and more comfortable in the water. It seems her skills progress may have slowed or stalled a bit here recently, but I still think she's doing very well. At the end of the last session they moved her up a level and this new teacher is having a difficult time actually teaching her class since she has 7 kids and no help. She has to spend the majority of her time just making sure they are safe and that leaves little time for actual one on one instruction with the kids on their strokes. I think I may speak to the front desk about it and strongly suggest they get a helper for the class.  If they aren't willing to get assistants for the classes then they need to place smaller limits on the number of students that can be enrolled in each class.  7  K-2 aged kids is just too many students for a high school kid to control in the water.

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