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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mini Van Mom

It took me so long to actually write and post my last post that I eventually just gave up and posted it without finishing it! So, this post will hopefully contain all the news that didn't make it into the last one! First off, after so much driving with the new car seat Kyle and I came to the conclusion that we needed more space for Hannah in our vehicle. Plus, the jeep was becoming less and less reliable. Well, to make a long story short, we went to check out a car sale and just look at what there was to see and ended up coming home with a minivan. Now let me just say that I HATE minivans. They are so ugly and I swore I would NEVER drive one, BUT they are so darn convenient! Everything about this van makes driving with Hannah so much simpler. We ended up getting a smoking deal on a '05 Town and Country with stow and go seating. That's my favorite part. I can now wrestle Hannah into her car seat in the warmth of the vehicle instead of freezing my but off with numb fingers that can't operate the latches. So, I'm officially a minivan mom. I can't say I'm proud of it, but I have at least made peace with the fact and come to accept it as just another stage in life.

Since we've been back from vacation Hannah has been having a really hard time with getting to sleep and staying there. She's been fighting going down for the night and then when we think she's down she has awakened every single night at least once before Kyle and I actually get to bed and the other night she woke up at 3:00am and wanted to eat! That hasn't happened since she was 3 weeks old! Hopefully this new problem won't last long and she'll be able to get back into her routine. I really miss being able to lay her down drowsy and have her put herself to sleep as we lock up the house for the night and get ready for bed ourselves.

Hannah has now firmly grasped the concept of eating cereal. I'm now making it as thick as oatmeal and she chows it right down. Tonight she was eating so well that we ended up fixing her an entire other bowl which she ate even more quickly than the first bowl. The second bowl was a variation on the first rice cereal as it had apples pureed in with it. She really liked that! It's a bit of a challenge getting all her bottles in as well as cereal throughout the day. I feel like all I'm doing all day is feeding her! It's almost worse than when she was a tiny infant!

Hannah's newest accomplishment is that she FINALLY mastered rolling from her belly to her back! :) Every time she does it now she smiles a huge smile and seems so proud of herself. Of course I'm really proud too! Tonight she was really funny because she was practicing her new trick by rolling back and forth between her tummy and her back over and over and over again. She must have done it 8 or 9 times in a row! It was really cute and that huge grin came with each successful try. I've got some video of it that I'll try to post at some time in the future. I've still got to get it uploaded to the computer and then to the internet and who knows when they will get done with all Hannah's feedings going on!

Hannah has been hanging out with her pal Evelyn a lot reccently and the two of them have finally noticed that each other exist. It's very cute to see them studying each other's face and reaching out to touch each other. Hannah's a bit of a bully though. She frequently swipes Evelyn's toys right out of her hands and then smacks her with them as she swings them around! Another discovery of Hannah's is the fact that we have dogs. She's starting to pay attention to them and actually petted Ella for the first time the other day. I use the term "pet" loosely as I'm sure Ella would describe what Hannah did as something other than petting since she yelped and ran away in response, but still it was a big first step for Hannah. Maybe she's not going to be just a cat person after all.

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Leah said...

At least you got a mini-van instead of the SUVs that are all the rage these days...and bad for the environment at the same time. Hannah's pics are lovely. She's going to be a heartbreaker.