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Monday, August 27, 2007

On the Move

Hannah is finally on the move and walking! She will walk to us almost every time we ask her to, but doesn't just get up and try to walk somewhere on her own. She's not very steady yet, but she's getting there. Most of the time she just gets really excited and that throws her balance off. She got her 11th tooth today-another molar. With these new molars she has she has really been able to chew things much better. Today she ate Stromboli with Kyle like a pro! Speaking of Kyle, Hannah is most definitely a Daddy's Girl. She asks for him every time the phone rings if Kyle is not home and as soon as she hears the garage door open every day she whispers, Da da and takes off crawling as fast as she can to the kitchen door. She also loves to be with Kyle all the time. She especially likes to "help" him work-see the pictures I've posted of this activity! Whenever Kyle's around I'm basically chopped liver. She doesn't want to be with me at all. If Kyle tries to walk away or leave her with me there is always a huge tantrum. :(

Other things Hannah has been up to. . . .

~Learning to play the harmonica with Kyle. I've got a cute video to post of that.

~Hanging out with Evelyn a lot.

~Going to the park.

~Playing on her climber.

~Going to visit cows at a dairy with Mamaw and Papaw Like. She loved the slide and ball pit in their play place and was fascinated by the cows.

~Taking walks to go visit the muskrats in a pond by our house. The pictures of the things in the water are the muskrats in case you were wondering why there are pictures of giant rats on Hannah's blog!

~Swimming in her pool A LOT.

~Helping Daddy work.

Last Sunday was a really big day for Hannah because it was her first day in the walker room at church. Luckily we had nursery duty so we were able to be with her for her first time. She got to meet lots of new kids her age and she really had a good time. There are lots of toys for pretend play in there and she had fun trying out the work bench and the kitchenette.

I think that's all the updates I have for now. I have lots of videos that I'll try to get uploaded on here as soon as I can.

Here are some recent videos of Hannah.

These are of Hannah playing in her pool. There are a lot of them because we spend a lot of time playing in the pool!

This is a really cute video of Hannah dancing.

Here is one of Hannah picking up her ball while continuing to stand up. Also, if you listen closely you can hear my absolute favorite Veggie Tales song playing in the background-The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!

Here are some videos of Hannah's first attempts at walking. She is much better now, but this was how she started out.
This is a video of Hannah harassing Evelyn on a walk.

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