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Thursday, August 30, 2007

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Hannah has had a busy week. On Tuesday she went out to lunch and to the zoo with her friend Addie. They had fun petting the goats and playing on the teeter totter together. Thursday she went shopping. Friday she went out ot lunch with her friend Evelyn. Saturday she went to the Like reunion at Mamaw and Papaw's house and sat on Julie and Boss (Mamaw and Aunt Heather's horses). Sunday she went hiking and out to dinner with her friend Evelyn. Whew! She has quite a packed social calendar.

I have 2 funny Hannah stories to tell you about. The first story happened on Sunday. Kyle, Hannah, and I went out to eat at the Covington Beef House with our friends Sarah and Jason and their daughter Evelyn. The girls were very good at the restaraunt and all was going well especially considering how packed the place was. All of a sudden Hannah starts signing monkey over and over. She apparently thought some person in the restaraunt looked like a monkey! I didn't see who it was, but both Sarah and Kyle said later they were sure they were sure they knew which man it was and that he DID look a bit like a monkey! Anyway, I must have had the sleepy sillies because I found Hannah calling some random person a monkey absolutely hilarious. I whispered that she must think someone looks like a monkey and then started to laugh hysterically. I just could not stop. Every time I tried to stop I kept thinking how glad I was that Hannah does not actually say the word monkey so that she didn't scream it across the diningroom and point at the suspect! That thought would send me back into a fit of giggles. I was so stuffed with food that laughing made my tummy hurt, but still I couldn't stop laughing!

The second funny story happened today. We have a cabinet in the kitchen that has tupperware in it. We moved everything that was glass out of there so that Hannah could play in it if she wants. We still have the childproof locks on the doors so that she can't just get in there whenever she wants, but that hadn't been a problem until today. Today I opened up the cabinet for Hannah to play in while I was unloading the dishwasher. She was playing quietly while I put the dishes away and then all of a sudden I heard a muffled, "No! No! No" I turned around and Hannah was gone! I ran into the livingroom, but her voice was getting softer. I turned back around and realized that the cabinet doors were shut. I went back into the kitchen and opened up the cabinet and found Hannah sitting inside. She had crawled inside to play with the tupperware and had shut the door behind her just like she does when she goes inside her climber. The problem was that with the childproof locks on the doors she couldn't just push the door back open from inside! After I rescued her from the cabinet I watched her closely while I put the rest of the dishes away and she climbed back inside several more times and always pulled the door shut behind her. Only once did it actually latch again so that she was locked in and I had to get her out, but it was very interesting to see her hiding in there with the bowls and lids!

Lately Hannah has been obsessed with magazines. Her favorite at the moment is one of my horse magazines. She will sit on the floor or in the "bible" chair and pour over it for 30 minutes at a time! She carefully turns the pages (no ripping or bending) and looks at all the pictures. Every now and then she calls across the room to tell me she's just seen a horse, dog, or baby and then goes back to her reading. Last night Kyle walked into the room and Hannah was laying stretched out on the floor reading the magazine like she was a teenager lounging! It was so cute.

Another cute thing that Hannah has been doing lately is making a wolf howl. We checked out a book from the library called, "I Love My Daddy Because . . . " and it has pictures of all sorts of baby animals and their daddies and it says things like "I love my daddy because he takes naps with me," or "he teaches me to be brave" Hannah's favorite is a wolf and a wolf pup and the page says, "I love my daddy because he sings me songs" The first time Hannah saw the page she called the wolf a dog and I said, "No, that's not a dog. It looks like a dog, but it's a wolf. Wolfs say 'Ahhoooooo'" and I howled like a wolf. Hannah repeated me in the cutest little howl I have ever heard. From that day on every time she see that page in the book she makes a sweet little howl. It's absolutely adorable. I about cry every time she does it.

One of Hannah's most recent accomplishments is learning how to steer her walker. The other day Kyle was finally able to teach her how to turn it when she runs into something so that she can walk further than just a straight line into the nearest obstacle! Now she takes the walker all over the house. Whenever she gets into a tight spot though that she can't easily turn her way out of now she gets really angry though. Her frustration at not being able to do exactly what she wants all the time is growing more and more as she gains more independence. Consequently the tantrums have become even worse than they were before!

I have lots more videos of Hannah. I've been busy uploading this week so I hope you enjoy them. To see the video just click on the link.

Here are some more videos of Hannah harassing Evelyn on their trip to the park.

Here's Hannah sliding at the park.

Here's Hannah playing Kyle's harmonica.

Here's Hannah playing with her climber.

Hannah really loves to try and dress herself these days. She is especially interested in swimwear for some reason.

Here are some videos of Hannah playing with our coasters.

When Kyle's around I'm basically chopped liver. Here's a video of Hannah "working" with Kyle because she refuses to stay with me!

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