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Thursday, September 06, 2007

14 Months Old

Today is Hannah's 14 month birthday! I can't believe that 2 months have passed since her birthday! She's still not using walking as a mode of transportation, but she is getting much steadier about it when we coax her to walk towards us. Lately she's been riding her bike a lot. Kyle is teaching her how to steer and she thinks that is great fun. The climber continues to be a big hit. She quite good at navigating it now and has even started to branch out to the more complicated features of it such as trying to climb over and down the sides! I'm not quite ready for her to be doing that, but she is definitely determined! Lately Hannah has been very picky about eating. Often she rejects foods I KNOW she likes. She may even reject a food for lunch and then greedily eat all of that very same food for dinner! She's also very intrigued by bowls and spoons and always wants to hold the bowl or spoon you are using to feed her. This would be fine except that she won't leave the bowl on her tray. She insists on picking it up and dumping it out. Sometimes she gets so crazy about having a bowl and a spoon that she won't eat at all and the meal ends in a tantrum. Baths are another thing that have been causing tantrums lately. She absolutely loves having a bath, but hates to get out. I think I've seen some of her most impressive tantrums lately started by getting out of the tub. I'm becoming quite skilled at the art of tantrum interception. The normal bait and switch defense doesn't work well anymore so I have to work really hard at making her think the thing that would normally cause a tantrum is her idea to do!

It's been two days since I started this post and I have some exciting news to announce. Hannah has FINALLY started walking. All day today she has been randomly using walking to get from place to place without being coaxed to do so. She's even tried to carry some things while she was walking. I'm so proud of her! My little girl is growing up. On a humorous note, now that Hannah has discovered that she can get inside cabinets, she has also tried getting inside the entertainment center. Tina told me that once John got inside their entertainment center and fell asleep and she couldn't find him. Well, that could definitely happen to me now, well I guess it could if Hannah ever just took a nap on her own, but still it's a scary thought!

Another thing Hannah just learned how to do is draw with her crayons. We've been working with crayons for a few months now, but up until yesterday she never really pressed hard enough to make any marks on her paper. Yesterday it was like she had an epiphany and she went crazy. She used every single crayon in her box to make some beautiful masterpieces. She was really intent while she was working and tried very hard to make the crayon do just what she wanted. She made circles, zig zags, and colored in spaces by scribbling back and forth. I was so proud of her. I'm happy because that means we have another activity to do that will help keep her from being bored.

One of Hannah's new favorite words is Abby. She has been able to say Ella for a long time and likes to yell at Ella like we do when she is going crazy barking in the yard, but just recently she has learned Abby's name and now she likes to call Abby and give her hugs! She is so cute. I also taught her to say Happy Birthday so she could tell Kyle on his birthday. We practiced all day long and when the big moment came she would only say "happy!" Kyle thought it was sweet of her anyway and she eventually did say the whole thing, but it took lots of time and coaxing. Yesterday (it's yet several more days since the last addition to this post!) she learned and began using yet another word that we didn't specifically teach her-alligator. Of all the words to pick up! Anyway she says it now anytime she see an alligator in a book and she also said it when she saw a statue of one in the fountain at the zoo.

Hannah sliding on her climber.

Hannah the first day she learned to steer her walker.

Here are lots of videos of Hannah walking!

Hannah really likes to play with the piano she got for her birthday.

Hannah loves to play in the Tupperware cabinet.

Hannah playing at the park with her friend Addie.

Hannah reading with Kyle.

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