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Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Little Hippie

Hannah wore this outfit the other day that was from Aunt Heather and I just fell in love with it. I thought she looked darling, just like a little hippie. I had to post the pictures of it even though I don't have many new updates!

Of course it's been a bit since I started this post and now I actually have some updates to share. Hannah has several new words that she just learned. Tonight she learned the word squirrel. We were taking a walk in the woods and she saw a squirrel and point to it and said rabbit. We told her it wasn't a rabbit and that it was a squirrel. As luck would have it, we saw half a dozen more squirrels on our walk and each time we told Hannah they were squirrels. Finally the last squirrel we saw Hannah actually pointed it out to us and said squirrel as she was pointing! My little girl is so smart! :) Another new word (well, it's not super new, but I think I've forgot to tell you all about it) is green beans. Hannah uses this for green beans as well as just about every green vegetable she eats! It's quite clear when she says it and it's oh so cute. Lion and cow are some of her other new animal words. She says them both and does the signs at the same time. Cow is quite clear, but lion sounds a bit more like Ryan! She's got the sign exactly right though and she always uses the same pronunciation when she says the word and does the sign and she can correctly point to a lion in a picture of lots of different animals so I think she knows it pretty well even if she can't say it properly yet. She has also added goat, pig, snake, and hippo to her repertoire. Kyle says she also knows reindeer, but I've not heard her say that one yet. Along with learning her new animal names she is also quite keen on learning the sounds that they make. So far she can tell you what a dog, wolf, cat, cow, duck, sheep, and horse say.

Besides animal words, Hannah is also starting to say excuse me whenever she burps or farts. It's so adorable and sounds like excuse, with the emphasis on the "x" part of the word. I've been working with her on saying you're welcome after someone says thank you to her and today for the first time she tried to repeat it after me when I said, "Hannah, say you're welcome." She did a pretty good copy of it too. I was impressed since it was her first try and she even attempted the sign as she said it. Kyle has been working with her on saying I love you and she will now tell us that she loves us each night before she goes to bed. She can't really do the sign, but has a cute toddler speak version of I love you that she says that I can't even begin to describe or repeat, but she does it the same every time. I'll try to get a video of her saying it sometime soon and put it up. Speaking of showing affection, I've also taught Hannah how to give Eskimo kisses by rubbing her nose against mine and she caught on really quickly. She knows the difference between them and regular kisses and can give you the type of kiss that you ask for every time.

Of all the words that Hannah uses every day (and she uses A LOT of them) "No!" is still the word she chooses to use the most even when she doesn't mean no! We've been working on teaching her yes and sometimes she will say it, but mostly she still likes to answer no to every question she's asked (and even some we ask other people!) and of course she uses it every time it's time to do something she doesn't want to do or stop doing something she does. Another new word she has is rocks and she is currently obsessed with them. She loves to pick them up, feel them, throw them, transfer them from the flower beds to the yard where Daddy can hit them with the mower, and try to eat them. We have tantrums when it's time to stop playing with them or when Mommy says no, we can't go outside to get them. She's also started using the words walk and backpack to tell us when she wants to go outside for walks and if she hears either word you had better be prepared to follow through because she's hard to distract if she gets her mind set on going out! She says water, milk, juice, cracker, pasta, peas, meat, bread, cheese, snack, eat (that's a very recent addition since she's only had the sign for it for more than 6 months!), apple, banana, puffs, and of course green beans. She loves to say she's hot and fan herself and shake her shirt to cool herself off and if you'll let her she'll shake your shirt too just to be sure you don't' get overheated! She loves to point out and name all of your body parts that she can get ahold of. Some of her favorites are head, knees, elbow (very cute to hear her say), arm, ear, nose, hands, and belly. She knows many more, but those are here current favorites. She loves to get her hands washed under the faucet and she'll ask for it by gesturing towards the sink and saying "hands." Today on our walk we went by a pond that has a fountain in the middle and she kept pointing at the fountain and saying "hands please!"

Speaking of walking she did lots of it today and she' getting much better at it. She still uses crawling as the primary mode of transportation, but she's traveling further and further while walking now. Sometimes if she's feeling uncertain, but wants to walk she will look up at us and reach her hand up and say, "Hand" which means take my hand or give me yours!

Her fourth molar (so that's tooth number 12) finally popped through yesterday. We were quite relieved as it had been a REALLY rough week because of it. Cranky does not even begin to describe her mood this past week. Fortunately today she was much better so hopefully we are done with teething for few months until it's time for the last of her front teeth to come in.

You should all be proud of me for being so on top of getting all of Hannah's recent videos uploaded to the blog. Most of the videos on this post are only a week old!

Hannah loves to ride her stuffed horse that Mamaw got her for Christmas.

Hannah likes to sit in the recliner in her room and make it rock just like Mommy does.

For a long time Hannah couldn't actually make her crayons leave any marks. She finally had a eureka moment and now she LOVES drawing with her crayons and thinks it's pretty neat to get crayons to draw on place mats at restaurants too! She can even say crayon.

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