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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Full Sentences

Hannah is now speaking in mostly full sentences. Usually her sentences are 4-5 words long and often grammatically correct, but every now and then she comes up with a doosey that really catches me off guard. For example, last week we were playing outside and she looked up at me and then pointed to the sidewalk behind me and said, "I see a girl riding on a bike." I turned around and sure enough there WAS a girl riding on a bike. One of her favorite new phrases to use is "I want some. . . ." She uses this A LOT now. In the beginning it was cute and actually very helpful, but she can get VERY sassy and bossy about it when she thinks we aren't moving fast enough or when we tell her that she can't have some. Along with the sassing using "I want some" Hannah has also started to just generally sass back if she's in a bad mood, tired, or not happy with the outcome of the situation. Consequently we've been spending lots of time in time out for not talking to mommy nicely.

Hannah had a good weekend with Mamaw and Papaw. I don't think she wanted to go home. She'd much rather be spoiled by them than obey us! While there she got to help feed the horses and feed Zeke and visit with her Great Grandma Frye. Grandma Frye had this really cool Lion that sang "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" that Hannah got a big kick out of.

Potty training continues to go well. Hannah is now totally bowl trained. I haven't had to change a poopy diaper in almost 3 weeks which I LOVE! She is pooping in the toilet 2-3 times every day and always holds it until she is on the potty. Urine training is taking a little bit longer. Either it's harder to hold because her bladder is so small or she just doesn't always slow down enough to listen to her body telling her that she needs to pee. If we take her to the potty she always pees in the toilet and sometimes she will tell us that she needs to go pee in the potty. BUT if you ask her if she needs to pee she will always answer no even if I know she needs to go. She does really well staying dry in the the morning and we usually have very few if any accidents until after her nap. Once she starts to get wore out in the afternoon and once Daddy gets home she seems to have more accidents. The good thing is that she HATES having accidents and will usually tell me either as soon as she has wet her pants or often even while she is peeing. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and we will be able to give up diapers for good soon. Last week Hannah peed in a public toilet for the first time and she hasn't looked back since. I was a bit worried about how it would work and if she would be scared of the big hole and the automatic flushes, but she did really well. We were playing at the play place at the mall and she told me she needed to go so I took her in and she was still dry and she went on the toilet. She asked to go 3 times that trip and each time she was dry and went on the potty. She has since used lots of different public toilets and did great. After two scary incidents of falling into the potty (once with Kyle and once with Mamaw) I am really surprised that she's doing as well as she is with toilets that aren't hers, but it hasn't seemed to have affected her much at all, though she does mention the incidents from time to time.

Further evidence that we have a very clever little girl is the fact that the other night in the bathtub she spelled her name for Kyle! I haven't witnessed this feat yet, but he said he wrote the letter H on the tub with her tub crayons and said, "H for Hannah" and she said, "A N N A H" He immediately screamed for me to come into the bathroom to tell me about it and see if she would do it again, but she wouldn't do it for me. Another thing she did the other day was while she was in time out while Grandpa was here. I knew she would want to talk to Grandpa if she could see him so I moved her timeout mat to another room so she couldn't see him. She got up from her mat so she got a spank and I told her to not get off of her mat otherwise she would get another spank. SOOOO, she instead pushed her mat (while keeping her bottom firmly planted on it) all the way across the room until she could poke her head around the doorway and say, "Hi Grandpa!"

I'm finally caught up on uploading videos to Google. You will actually be seeing some videos that where shot in the month I posted them!

Here is Hannah sleeping in a pile of books.

Yet more singing of Jesus Loves Me. Can you tell that it's one of her favorite songs?

Hannah loves to put on shoes and walk around the house in them even if they aren't her shoes.

Hannah still enjoys playing her harmonica.

Here's Hannah being the tickler this time. She's tickling her sister Kayla.

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Anonymous said...

Nat & Kyle, I love watching these videos and looking at pictures of Hannah! But now that I have had the opportunity to spend time with her, the videos do not do her justice! She is absolutely the most adorable little girl. So much fun to watch! I am so happy for you guys and so proud of you both! I really enjoyed seeing you again this past weekend! I have shown my pictures of Hannah to everyone here at work!
Love you! Myrna