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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gotta Go

Potty training is going very well for Hannah. In fact, she is almost potty training herself. The past 2 days she has been telling me when she has to pee and hasn't had a single BM in her diaper and very few pee accidents. Almost all of the times she has peed in her diaper have been either at night or early morning before I wake up and she's just hanging out in her room reading or while she's sleeping during her nap. Today she didn't have a single accident and even held it 3 different times when I told her that I couldn't take her to the bathroom right then (we were driving back from gymnastics, at the park, and jogging with Kyle). She only went through 2 diapers the entire day and the only one that was wet enough for me to tell it was wet before I took it off was the one I changed after her nap. I probably didn't even need to change the second one when we put her to bed, but it had been taken off and on so many times that day that I thought the Velcro might not be in a good enough shape to last the night so we put on a fresh one. She didn't wear big girl underwear today because we were out and about away from bathrooms so much today, but tomorrow we plan to get back into them. She's been wearing them pretty much all the time now unless we are away from home. The poor thing really DOES NOT want to have an accident and gets practically frantic if she thinks that she's going to have one. I rush her to the bathroom thinking she's already peed, but then she's dry as a bone and then goes a ton in the toilet. If she really does have an accident she starts to cry and says "change the diaper, change the diaper" in a hysterical voice. I've never scolded her for having an accident, but somehow she gets that it's not a good thing. She has so much pride each time she goes to the potty and her big girl underwear is dry. She sings a little song (which she made up herself that is a variation on the song I sing to her when she pees or poops in the potty) each time she's dry that goes like this, "Hannah's dry, Hannah's dry, Hannah's pants are dry! YEAH!" and then claps her hands. It makes me smile so big!

Hannah has a big occasion coming up this weekend. She's spending the night at Mamaw and Papaw's house and she's seriously pumped about it. She's positive they are going to take her outside to play in the woods with Zeke (their dog) and she keeps telling me this every chance she gets. Today she asked me over and over if she was going to sleep at Mamaw's tonight. She's not quite got a grasp on the passage of time and the future yet so I guess we'll have to just keep going through this dialogue until Saturday rolls around and she actually DOES get to sleep at Mamaw's. Hopefully all will go well and she actually WILL sleep.

Here's a head's up for all of you planners out there like me who like to "save the date" for things. Hannah's party this year will be the weekend before her birthday because her birthday falls on 4th of July weekend (I'm sure this will happen often) and I know that would be hectic for everyone. The party will be on Saturday June 28th from 2-3:30. We are having it at the gym where she takes gymnastics this year and I think it will be a lot of fun. The best part is that I won't have to do ANY clean up or set up at all. They will take care of all of that and they even provide an hour's worth of gymnastics instruction and games for the kids. I'll get everyone directions and stuff when it gets closer to time. Interestingly enough, Hannah has become keenly interested in birthdays lately. Our neighbor is having his 5th birthday party this weekend and he's been talking about it for weeks. Every time he sees us he tells us about the Sponge Bob party he's going to have and that he will be five. Hannah has just randomly been saying that Zach's 5 and Hannah's 1 and Evelyn's 1 ever since the first time Zach told us about his party. Then today at gymnastics it was one of her classmates' birthday and we sang her Happy Birthday and Hannah loved the song. She kept wanting to tell Sam Happy Birthday and then tonight at dinner she just randomly blurted out, "Happy Birthday Sam!" Her party should be really fun because she'll get it this year and she will have just gone to a party a few weeks before for her friend Addie so the idea of a birthday party should be fresh in her mind.

Today we took Hannah for a walk with the dogs for the very first time. Neither of our dogs are great on the leash (Abby lags behind and often has to be drug along and Ella sprints ahead choking herself!) so it's not a huge shock that we weren't keen to try to handle them with a toddler on the lose or even with a stroller. Tonight both dogs were in usual walk mode, but we put an extra leash on Abby for Hannah to hold and decided to give it a try. She had a blast and so did we. It was funny to see her getting pulled back by the leash as she wandered off course completely clueless about what was holding her back!

Here are some more videos that I finally got uploaded to Google.

Hannah is reading a book when she is supposed to be sleeping. If you listen closely you can hear her saying, "How many kisses do you want tonight? Mommy kiss. ~smack~ How many kisses do you want tonight? Just one. ~smack~"

In this video Hannah is singing Old McDonald instead of sleeping.

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