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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sensory Play Room

As Hannah's sensory needs are changing and as we are learning what things work best to keep her regulated, I began to get worried about how on earth I was going to survive the winter inside with her without our swing set. We spend a significant portion of our day swinging. This more than anything else is calming and regulating for Hannah. I hate the cold and was not looking forward to being forced outside for large chunks of time as the days got colder and colder. Eventually I whined enough to Kyle about it that he got the great idea to turn our guest bedroom into a sensory playroom for Hannah. We removed all the furniture except for the mattress from the guest bed and took the closet door off. We hung a doorway chin up bar in the doorway of the closet for Hannah to swing on and do flips on. We put her bean bag in there. We surrounded the guest bed mattress (minus the box spring to make it closer to the ground) with pillows, a comforter, and all of Hannah's stuffed animals to make it suitable for jumping on and crashing into and safe in case she were to get too wild (a good possibility!) and fall off. BUT the two biggest additions to the room that make me the happiest are a disc swing hung from the ceiling and the installation of our portable hammock on removable hooks above the guest bed mattress. Now Hannah has 3 options for swinging, two options for jumping, and 2 options for crashing and they are ALL indoors! :) Though I was most excited about the disc swing, the hammock has turned out to be the biggest lifesaver. It can be both calming and stimulating depending on how we choose to use it and Hannah can operate it herself which is a huge plus. We also got her some two pound medicine balls that we've been throwing into the bean bag and holding while we jump on the trampoline or bed so that we can add some heavy work into her indoor sensory diet. Hopefully as the winter goes on you will hear more great stories about how amazing this room is for Hannah instead of stories of me going crazy because of her meltdowns!

Here are a few videos of Hannah on her hammock. To see the video just click on the link and enjoy!


Foley Family said...

Hi Natalie,
You and Kyle are amazing parents! The room you made is so great. Hannah is blessed to have parents that will take the time and energy to nuture her needs.

Fellow IAX Alum

Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys said...

So great how you are taking some of the challenges w/ Hannah and making them blessings! You sure are doing a great job!

Unknown said...

wow! what an awesome idea. wanna come build one at our house now?

Mama said...

For those who are curious, it wasn't hard at all to set up Hannah's sensory play room. I mean I couldn't have done it, but it was easy for Kyle to pull off (and easy for me to imagine!). If anyone wants specifics on how we did something just let me know and I'll email you.

Jaimie said...

Hello :) I just came across your blog (can't remember which blog I came from) - I am an adult with undiagnosed SPD and...I am SO jealous of Hannah's sensory room!!!!

it looks AWESOME :)