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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blog Readers

I recently installed a widget on my blog that shows where people are from that are visiting my blog. I am now insanely curious to know who you all are. I recognize only a handful of the 2 dozen towns that are listed on the Live Traffic Feed. So, if you don't mind identifying yourself (at least anonymously!) I'd love to get a shout out from all of you that read my blog at least occasionally. I rarely get comments (probably because I'm committing some form of blogging faux pas that I know nothing about) so I have no clue who actually reads my blog at all. I don't even know if the people I send an email to when I post updates actually read it! So, if you read my blog, feel free to leave me a comment on this post and let me know who you are. All you lurkers show yourself! :)

Here are some of the towns that are listed on the tracker from the past two days:
Santa Clara, California,
Huntington Beach, California,
Asheboro, North Carolina,
Fenton, Michigan,
Perrysburg, Ohio (Baba is this you?),
Springdale, Arkansas,
Brockton, Massachusetts,
Aurora, Colorado (Myrna is this you?),
Bloomington, Indiana (Lora I assume this is you),
Macon, Georgia,
Lafayette, Indiana,
Wichita, Kansas,
Indianapolis, Indiana,
Plainville, Massachusetts,
Ambler, Pennsylvania,
East Lansing, Michigan (Christine is this you?),
San Diego, California,
Vero Beach, Florida,
San Francisco, California,
Laramie, Wyoming


m said...

incipient turvy:



have very much enjoyed your descriptions, these have been wonderful...looking forward to more. will definitely do a better job of commenting.

hope you are well...

monica said...

I comment, I like to ramble! :)

Monica Tanner (IAC)
Dallas, Georgia

-though it might show up as Atlanta, but I'm sure not the Macon one-

...and I tried this same kinda post ages ago b/c I saw all the stuff on stat tracker, but only a few responded. hope you get better results.....

Unknown said...

a lot of people probably won't say where they are from because sometimes when you post such personal info on your blog, you just don't want people to know where you live. it's like saying "hey! i have an adorable toddler at my house... come find me all you crazy psychos".

i love having Sitemeter because you can use it to find out how people are finding your blog. It tells you what website people came from to your blog. you can see what kind of google searches are leading people to your blog. you can see not only blog visits but also how many page clicks you are getting. you'll even know exactly how many visits you get each hour, day, week, month, year. cool!

as for comments... you'd be surprised how many people read but don't comment. when my adoption blog was open instead of private i had WAY more people reading than i thought i did. there were maybe 4 or 5 people that commented, but it turned out there were hundreds reading it. i know i read several blogs that i almost never leave comments on because i can read more in my limited time if i don't comment. so, it's nothing you've done that keeps the comments away. that's just how people are most of the time. although, there are those that if you leave them comments, then they will start commenting on your blog. (ya, i tend to be one of those people sometimes)

well, i gotta get on to regular turkey day activities. good luck on getting people to de-lurk.

Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys said...

Greensboro, North Carolina arrived from on "Adoption Journey and Baby Updates"

Here I am! :)


Anonymous said...

I am from Perrysburg, Ohio and have enjoyed reading your blog about your daughter. I am a special education teacher and have worked with students who have sensory issues. Your blog has been of particular interest because of that reason, but also because I want to adopt a child. I have enjoyed hearing your adoption story. It has opened my eyes to the possibilities of adoption.

Christine said...

Yep East Lansing is me. I check the blog while "working". Amazing how fast she is growing up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie! I check your blog almost every day from work, so yes, the Aurora hit is most likely mine! Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Love you! Miss you!

Lanny said...

I check in too, though it feels like I never have time to get on the computer anymore.

I'm in AL.