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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Google Searches

First, don't forget to enter my contest to name this blog. If you haven't already read Born on a Blue Day it's awesome so get those brains going.

Since adding the feedjet stat tracker on my blog I have been very interested in seeing how people find my blog. Most people without a direct link to our blog address find it by linking off of someone else's blog, but sometimes it comes up in google search results for various things. Some of the searches it is pretty obvious why our blog came up, anything pertaining to adoption for example since Adoption is the first word of the blog title, but other searches leave me scratching my head as to how on earth we managed to make our way into those results. Since I first started tracking, here are the things typed into the Google Search window (typos and all) that resulted in my blog being clicked on.

hyperlexia iq

the bads of adoption (I have no idea how we made it into that one!)

velveteen rabbit strep


body parts definition knees shoulders

adoption journey blog

dinosaur dreams

what dinosaurs adoption is (what on earth were they searching for?!?)

my baby adoption journey 2008

burning up shivering vommiting

baby delibrately bangs head

baby adoption blog

strongest antibiotic for pneumonia with prescription

gymnastics teacher ornaments

noah's dentist trip blog

should baby sit up with pneumnia

first dentist

positive of head shoulders (huh?)


baby autism extremely laid back smiles

babies room temperature pneumonia

dinosaur dreams

spontak family tree

Hannah autism Natalie

aspergers in girls news video

nurtured heart

how to dress 3 weeks baby

head circumference off the charts 18 months (this one just makes me smile even though I know why Hannah's blog comes up!)

baby disobedient 18 months

adoption blogs


Patty O. said...

That's funny. My husband installed something so I could track traffic too and some of the terms people had searched when they found my blog were funny, too. I guess search engines are fallible...

Unknown said...

I love seeing what searches bring people to my blog. There are always some that make me laugh and some that make me wonder what the heck I wrote to bring them to MY blog.

Heather said...

Re: your comment over at my place today--feel free to email me anytime about the agency. My email is in my profile. :)

Anonymous said...

new name for blog: Hannah's Journey