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Monday, March 08, 2010


I apologize for my extended absence from the blog, but I've been pretty busy lately. The biggest thing that has cut into my blog writing and reading time is that my sister, dad, and I have started a business together! Now, after about a month of hard work, we are up and running. Those of you who know me/us in real life know that we LOVE to take photographs so we've started a candid photography business to take photos of birthday parties, kids sporting events, family reunions, wedding receptions, etc. We're not doing formal portraits or weddings, but are available for most other types of photography. We've got a website up and running with examples of our work and a selection of prints for sale. I know most of you who read this are scattered throughout the country, but for those of you in central Indiana or Rhode Island please consider us the next time you need photography done at an event and wherever you are located, go check out our website the next time you need some new art to decorate your home or office.

Candid Captures Photography LLP

Besides getting the business up and running, Sally the Wonder Dog has been keeping me hopping. Since arriving in our house we've learned quite a bit about our new wonder dog. The biggest thing is that she's seriously athletic for a little dog and can jump our 4 ft privacy fence without much effort at all and does so routinely. So now, even though we have a fully fenced back yard, I have to take her out to go potty on a leash which is pretty much a pain. We've also learned that the poor thing suffers from separation anxiety and HAS to be right next to someone pretty much all the time. As I type this she's laying on my lap and licking my hand as I try to write! She's proving much more difficult than our previous dogs to crate train and she could pretty much care less about food, treats, or toys so we don't have a lot of leverage up our sleeves for training rewards. The good news is that she's SUPER sweet and loyal and loves us all already and we already love her. Her insistence that she's a lap dog even though she's over 30 lbs means she works quite well as a weighted blanket/lap pad. She also puts up with an amazing amount of rough hugs, pulls, and squeezes from Hannah. And, although she doesn't like it, she remains calm whenever Hannah wigs out or has a huge meltdown and even sometimes goes up to her and tries to snuggle with her in the middle of it. So far, Hannah hasn't been very receptive about Sally trying to help calm her during a meltdown and Sally using gets hit for her troubles, but I have hopes for this scenario in the future. If I could just find a treat Sally really loved to give her every time she tries to go to Hannah when she's upset . . . . . Any advice from dog owners out there about treats for a dog that really could care less about food would be welcome.

We've also been working hard to get Hannah's ears cleared up, but we've been unsuccessful. In fact, her ears are currently worse than they've been in the past month because now she's got a nasty cold and is full of snot again. So, we're going with surgery again to have tubes put in. The procedure is scheduled for this Wednesday. Prayers that Hannah tolerates the procedure and the anesthesia would be welcome. I'm pretty scared about the possibility of post op pneumonia again like last time. I know she'll be under a shorter amount of time than last time, but I'm still worried.


Christine said...

Have you tried actually chicken pieces? Or just a reward with a favorite toy and play time.

Shane, Deanna, Aedyn, & Connor said...

Hello, I am a fellow IAC'er. I was reading about Hannah's ear issues, and it made me think of an article I read in Parents magazine about enlarged adenoids in the back of the upper throat causing chronic ear infections. Has your physician considered this as the cause?

Mama said...

Deanna, Thanks for the tip. We actually went straight to the adenoids first. A little over a year ago Hannah had her tonsils and adenoids removed when she got her first set of tubes. We were SURE they were the culprit because they were enormous, but alas that doesn't seem to be the case because the moment that first set of tubes shifted even a bit she had another ear infection and now we've had fluid sitting in her ear for ages again! UGH! Thanks again.
PS. I love reading your updates on the boys.