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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Deja Vu

All day today I felt like I was reliving the events of a year ago. Hannah had her surgery to have tubes placed in her ears this morning and like last year (that time she had her tonsils and adenoids out as well as the tubes put in) she was a model patient and recovered much quicker than was anticipated. We were sent home a half hour after she woke up and she was doing great. We kept it low key for the afternoon, but when she woke up from her nap we could feel the heat radiating off of her body without even having to touch her. That was NOT a good sign. Her discharge instructions stated that if she got a fever of over 101 degrees then we were to call the office for further instructions. There was no doubt her fever was over 101 degrees, but we took her temperature anyway and it was 103.4 degrees. All I could think of was, "NOT AGAIN!" This was exactly what happened last year except her temperature didn't spike until the next day instead of just later on the same day. After consulting with the ENT we were told to take her to the local pediatric hospital to the ER. He worried that she had post op pneumonia again since she was coughing like crazy as well as had the fever. Off we went to the ER thinking that this was EXACTLY like last time and wondering why on earth Hannah couldn't seem to make it through a routine surgery without getting pneumonia. At the ER they thankfully determined that Hannah does not have pneumonia (at least not yet), but instead has a post surgical bacterial infection of some kind and most likely a cold as well. We were sent home with an antibiotic and orders to monitor her fever and check back in with her doctor if anything changes. Now she is sleeping peacefully and the Tylenol and Motrin seems to be keeping the fever in check. It was quite a day, but Hannah actually did great. We had many comments made to us about what a good girl she was being. She didn't even cry when it was time to head back to the operating room! They let me go back with her and hold her on my lap while she breathed in the gas from the mask until she fell asleep. That whole process was actually quite pain free for her. I was a bit nervous and it was hard to see her slip from consciousness, but I was glad I was able to be there to keep her calm. Please keep Hannah in your prayers while we hope that whatever this infection is that it is able to be treated with the antibiotic and that she is back to feeling herself tomorrow because she has a birthday party that she desperately wants to attend on Saturday and she'd be devastated if she couldn't go!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, poor thing! How is she feeling now? I hope the fever and infection are all gone.

Anna said...

How scary! Hope she is doing better, I'll keep her in my prayers.

Mama said...

Hannah is back at school today. The fever is all but gone, but the cough is still VERY nasty. If things proceed as normal, that cough will probably hang on for a month or more, but we can always hope it will be gone sooner. Thanks for everyones prayers.

m said...

i really hope she's feeling better, that is a long, tough day. amazing how resilient she is, going through all of that. your hannah, a toughie. sounds like the cough was threatening to linger, so...i hope it's fading.

that's it. she was sick in march, now she's not allowed to be sick again for a long time. order of M...must be happy and healthy.

(take care, hope you're doing well too natalie)

kia (good enough mama) said...

Ohmigosh, what an ordeal. I see that this was a couple of weeks ago. Is she ok now? I hope so!

Mama said...

Hannah's all better now. The cough is even gone! YEAH!