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Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Girl Bike

Hannah got her first big girl bike the other day. She was really pumped about it, but when it came down to actually riding the new bike she was quite nervous. A kind coworker of Kyle's gave us his daughter's outgrown Dora bike complete with training wheels and a horn. The horn is Hannah's favorite part. It's one of those that has a metal funnel and a rubber ball at one end that you squeeze. It sounds like the horns clowns use. She blows that horn A LOT. Last night we finally convinced her to give the bike a try. I think she was nervous about being higher up and the wobbly feeling of the bike going back and forth between the two training wheels made her uncomfortable. But this new bike (new to us anyway) fits her so much better than her tricycle. Even though she's just recently gotten the hang of pedaling and steering her trike, she's much too big for it even at it's most adjusted setting. Her legs are just too long. The new bike solves that problem and should be much easier for her to ride once she gains some confidence. Kyle followed along beside her with his hand on her shoulder for awhile and then was eventually able to let go and move quite a ways away from her. Most of the time she spends looking down at the ground so we know she's still unsure about it, but once she got going she seemed to really enjoy it. She even honked her horn to say hello to our neighbor who was out working in his yard as she rode by. That was so cute! So, here for your viewing enjoyment is a photo essay of the maiden voyage of the big girl bike!

Daddy hold me. I'm scared.

I've got you.

I've still got you.

Dad slowly moves away. The head is still looking straight down.

Look! I'm doing it all by myself! I'm even mostly looking where I'm going!

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Hartley said...

How much fun! We loved learning to ride a bike -- well my older two, seeing as Matthew won't have ANYTHING to do with his bike (the third we've bought him...). Owell, that's what OT is for, right? LOL

Thanks for sharing,