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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chapter Books

Hannah has been a bit of a reading machine lately. In fact she's had such an explosion of reading skills that she's started on chapter books! She's not reading them independently or anything, but she's quite interested in the increased length of the books and the fact that they are "big kid" books. She's always been one to want to be just like a big kid so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised about this. As far as independent reading goes she's to the point now that she can pretty much pick up anything she wants to read and just read it. It's fairly amazing to me. I was an early reader, but I wasn't reading chapter books at 3 1/2 years old!

Along with this explosion in reading we've also seen a big increase in defiant behaviour and explosive behavior. At school the other day she even hit, kicked, and bit another child in the face. Today she was apparently quite defiant with the teacher when it was time to clean up. I was hoping that as she reached 4 years old some of this explosive behaviour and the wild mood swings would even out a bit. It's not looking like that's going to happen any time soon. I just wish I could help her find a way to not be so angry. She's a little kid. She shouldn't have to feel so angry this young. Her life should be carefree and happy.


Lora said...

Oh Natalie, if I knew how to help I would. Like you, I wish Walter didn't have to feel so angry. It's so sad to watch. I try to just focus on being a witness, let his life unfold and being there to lift him up when I can. ((hugs))

Anna said...

I love how you focus on the positive - Hannah's reading! Absolutely amazing! I can't imagine having a child reading at that age (and my 10 year old is on the gifted spectrum).
I know that so many days I fail to see Joely's strengths and consume myself with her shortcomings.
Our experience with changing behavior in our kiddos, is similar, it never happens in our time frame. Hang in there.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I've found that the Tongginator's behavior definitely goes through... er... interesting periods when she's making cognitive leaps. Doesn't change the fact that it's hard, though, does it?

You may want to check out the "Katie Woo" series... they are created like chapter books, but their short length and topics make them appeal to younger readers. The Tongginator loved them!

Mama said...

Tonggu Momma, Thanks for the heads up about the Katie Woo books. It came just in time too because I'm heading for the library today as soon as I'm done blogging to get a fresh bunch of books for Hannah. Thanks again!

Lora, Walter and Hannah have always been so much alike. I even remember when Hannah was younger and I was concerned about something you would always tell me, "Don't worry. Walter does just the same thing!" Seems like now we have both typical and not so typical things that they are both alike on. Go figure.