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Monday, August 02, 2010


Hannah will be starting karate next weekend at our local YMCA. I don't think it's a very intense program (how can it be with 4 year olds!) so it should be a good introduction to the sport to see if she likes it. This particular session only lasts 5 weeks so if she hates it we haven't wasted too much money and she doesn't have to tough it out too long. I'm hoping that karate will give her a positive outlet for all of this aggressiveness she has, although I am aware that the opposite could be true in that it could increase her aggressive acts. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Sensory-wise, karate should be very good for her. I'm also hoping it will help a bit with impulse control.

Six or seven months ago Hannah went through a stage where she picked at toilet paper, wadded it into tiny little balls and then stuffed it various places, bodily orifices, heating vents, between her toes, cracks in the wall, etc. It's been awhile since we've had any toilet paper stuffing, but it looks like that streak might be ending. Yesterday Hannah wadded up and stuffed a HUGE amount of toilet paper down our bathroom sink drain and then filled the sink with water! Let me just tell you that soaking wet, disintegrating toilet paper is NASTY! I made her dig all the toilet paper out from around the stopper and from as far down the drain as her little fingers could reach. I wasn't about to clean that mess up! She definitely was not happy about having to clean up, but I sure wasn't happy about her little experiment either!

Lately I've been struggling to find appropriate books for Hannah to read. She's capable of reading most easy chapter books, but unfortunately most of the easier chapter books are written at a 1rst or 2nd grader interest level and not a 4 year old's interest level. There's also the problem of the characters being very sassy and rude. When I flip through a book and see the words dumb, stupid, and hate multiple times I know it's not the right book for Hannah. We have a hard enough time enforcing our rules about appropriate language and respect for others (especially adults) without having to confront negative examples in books just yet. We can tackle that later. There are a few animal stories written by Penny Dale that are perfect for her, but unfortunately those series don't seem to be carried in most bookstores or the library. The popular Animal Ark series also made a few "Little" Animal Ark books that are good for Hannah, but again they don't seem to be in libraries and bookstores and there are only a few of them. I did recently find a cute little series in the bookstore called Appleville Elementary that are early chapter books and they seem perfect for Hannah so far. The first book is about a bunch of kids getting ready for the first day of first grade. If anyone has any ideas about chapter books that are fairly easy to read and are the appropriate interest level for a 4 year old (I try to keep the main character no older than about 8 years old) I'd appreciate the help.

Yesterday I took Hannah to get her hair cut. She'd been begging to get it done for weeks. Now that we go to a kids only hair cut place (we had a VERY bad experience at a Super Cuts for her first hair cut and it made her terrified of getting it done) she loves having her hair cut. She'd go have it done weekly if I'd let her! Actually it's not the actual hair cutting that she likes. She really likes that after the cut is done they put glitter gel in her hair and while they are cutting she gets to watch a movie. I know I pay a little more for these silly little extras, but it's worth it when I see how calmly and cooperatively she behaves as opposed to that awful first cut. Last night Hannah discovered that I had cut Kyle's hair the night before. I had forgotten to get rid of the evidence piled up on the deck! She was quite interested in what she saw as this new development (I've cut Kyle's hair on and off ever since we got married, maybe even since before we were married, but Hannah's never knew that I did it) and asked if I could cut her hair. Ummm. . . . . No! I'll use the clippers to buzz Kyle's hair (although I don't even like doing that. It totally stresses me out, but I can't handle pay $20 for a cut every few weeks.), but I'm not about to touch the scissors on a wiggly 4 year old where my mistake could take months or even years to grow back. No Thank You! This curiosity of hers in my cutting of Kyle's hair has me worried given her past indiscretions with scissors and her own hair. In my mind this is a BAD sign and a really big goof up on my part. This just may undermine my standard speech I give every time she takes the scissors to herself about only people trained to cut hair can cut her hair. Pray that she somehow forgets about this and stays away from the scissors!
Photo Notes: All of the pictures except for the last one are from Hannah's birthday party. Those of you who read regularly will remember the little boy from her class, Jesse, whom Hannah said she was going to marry on multiple occasions. Well, Jesse is the boy standing with Hannah in the first picture. Doesn't he just look thrilled to have his picture taken? He's a cutie though and super sweet. We were so glad he could come to her party.


Taz's Mama said...

i don't know what your religious beliefs are but usually christian books don't use sassy words and they have a positive message. you could try that and if you don't have that particular religious belief you can always offer it as a cultural experience. ??? that's the only thing that came to mind. oh, what about little house on the prairie? is that too old for her? i read them when i was little but i can't remember the reading level.

Mama said...

Now why didn't I think about that myself! I read Christian books, Hannah has lots of kiddie Christian books, why didn't I think about going to get her some easy Christian chapter books! Thanks so much ! Now I just have to find a Christian bookstore here in Rhode Island since I like to thumb through books before I buy them! Anything non catholic is hard to find here in Rhode Island!

Michelle S. said...

Have you looked at any of the Magic Tree house books? I'm not too sure about your daughters level. They are young kids who go back in time and solve things. So they have a historical fiction piece to them and are informative. Thanks for coming by my blog!

Elizabeth Channel said...

The Cul De Sac Kids books are a Christian series Edward liked at that age; he also enjoyed the Abeca (homeschool curriculum) readers which are all Christian-based and completely appropriate for a four-year-old.

He also liked the Magic School Bus chapter books at that age, and then some of the more tame Great Illustrated Classics. (Maybe Heidi and things like that which would appeal to a little girl; some of the classics are too violent for this age though.)

He was also into nonfiction at that age, and thrilled at that time and still does thrill to a series called Questions Kids Ask. There are like 20 books or so they they deal with all kinds of history and science. A nice children's Bible is also a great start at this age for the advanced reader.

I would go to the thrift store and just comb through all the children's books in search of appropriate material. Magic Tree House was too "magicky" for him at that age, and then once he was ready for that type of fantasy, those books were below his reading level.

He read Stuart Little at that age, and Mouse and the Motorcycle, Socks--some of the Beverly Cleary books that don't have confusing topics like divorce or sassy siblings. And you can find those in larger print, too. I even had a picture book sized Stuart that had lovely photographs and larger text.

If I think if any more, I'll let you know. Whatever you do, don't let her read Junie B. Jones! E got a hold of those during kindergarten and they are way too sassy!

Mama said...

Thanks so much for all the help with the books. I've got a lot of good ideas to check out now.

Dave the Nat said...

Karate was one the most positive experiences I had as a child with Asperger's. However, the instructor is key. If you find someone who can mix the right amount of discipline with support and understanding, it can be a transformative hobby. It gave me self-confidence and control.