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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, we had possibly the quickest and least traumatic trip to the ER ever in the history of man this morning! Yesterday at recess Hannah fell off of the top of the slide. Apparently it was quite the fall and when I got to school to pick her up the nurse brought her out to me and explained what she knew. Hannah was complaining of pain, but there was no bruising or swelling anywhere on her arm and she had full functional mobility of it. I gave her some tylenol and hoped she'd sleep it off. This morning the first words out of her mouth were that her arm hurt so I decided I'd take her to urgent care before school. When we got to urgent care at 7:30am I found out that it didn't open until 9:00am so I took her around to the ER instead. There was absolutely no one in the waiting room and they called us back to a room before I could even break out our insurance card. The doctor examined her, sent her for x-rays, and then examined the x-rays and released us in under an hour. I left the house at 7:30am and Hannah was at school and I was back at home by 8:30am! AMAZING!!!! I LOVE small towns. Everyone was so nice and professional too. I didn't feel like we were rushed and they listened to what I had to say. The verdict was that Hannah had most likely dislocated her elbow when she fell and because she's so loosey goosey from her Ehler's Danlos it popped itself back in on it's own. There was a small amount of excess fluid on her elbow, but basically it checked out fine with no breaks. They discharged us with the instructions to keep an eye on it. Use Tylenol for any pain. Prevent her from falling on it again soon because it's vulnerable to another dislocation soon after this first one. AND to bring her back in a few days for another x-ray if the pain doesn't go away. I'm so happy that it wasn't broken and that she had no serious injury and I'm glad that I got to check out the ER during a non stressful situation so that if we ever end up there in the middle of the night I'll know the routine!

Photo Notes: These were taken this summer by my friend Kristie when we took them to the Omaha Zoo. Hannah enjoyed cheesing it up for the camera for Kristie!

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