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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Do!

Someone in our house got a new hair-do last week and this time it wasn't Hannah! For the first time since January 2009 I got my hair cut. I hadn't even had a trim since we moved from Indiana. I wondered how Hannah would react-if she would hate it or if it would spur jealousy on her part and cause her to cut her own hair again just a week away from school pictures. She did great however. She knew I was getting it cut and when I arrived at school to pick her up she burst out of the door screaming, "Mommy! You look beautiful!" She's pretty stingy with the appearance compliments so I was quite pleased by her appraisal. Today I sent my two pony tails off to locks of love. If you've never heard of them, they are a wonderful organization that uses real human hair to make wigs for children and adults who have no hair for various medical conditions. These aren't like the temporary wigs that a cancer patient might wear until their hair grows back. These are serious long term wigs for people who will never have (or have again) hair. The salon actually ended up giving me a free cut because I was donating to Locks of Love and put before and after pictures on their facebook page. I'll try to post the pictures on here too so you can all see my new hair!

School continues to go well for Hannah. She's had a few minor time outs, but nothing too serious. There's been no physical or verbal aggression, just some defiance and sneakiness so I'm counting that as a success. Her teacher seems awesome. I really think she's got Hannah under her thumb and isn't about to let her get away with anything, but at the same time she knows what battles to fight and what ones to just let go. We did find out that on her way to the resource room each day she's been taking a major detour into the second grade wing to spy on her crush Jayden. They're about to put a stop to that! That kinda makes me laugh though. My girl and her boys. Heaven help us when she gets older! Next week will be a jam packed week. We have Hannah's parent teacher conference on Wednesday, we leave for the drive back to Indiana on Thursday after school, Friday is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for Kyle's brother's wedding, and Saturday is the wedding! To cap things off, we drive back to Nebraska Sunday morning! We are going to be exhausted. I hope Hannah can make it through the day on Monday at school.

I'm quite interested to see what the teacher has to say about Hannah's progress so far this year when we have conferences. We'll only have 15 minutes with her so that's not much time, but hopefully she'll have some useful information to share with us.

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