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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Tomorrow we hope that the 3rd time's a charm. Hannah goes in for her 3rd set of ear tubes. This time they will be permanent ones. While I'm relieved to be getting them and be done with the 3 ear infections we've had in the month since the first tube fell out, I'm worried too. She doesn't come out of anesthesia well. She's combative and crazy. It's scary to see. She's also had some sort of post operative complication after both of her previous ear tube surgeries. Neither one has been horribly serious, but bad enough to land us in the ER both times shortly after we had been discharged from the surgery center. Thankfully, Kyle can take the day off and it's near the weekend so if something does come up I won't be handling things alone.

As far as the behavior front goes, Christmas break has been rough. I guess it is to be expected since her routine is off, but this is the absolute worst it's ever been. I'm actually praying for an acceptance to the severe behavior program at this point where only weeks ago I was still wondering if we'd even accept the spot if they said she qualified.

On the foster care front we are STILL waiting on our finger prints to clear and now we just found out that one of the states we previously lived in is asking for yet more paperwork in order to clear our background checks-something about a new child protection law that recently went into effect. On a positive note, a nice lady from freecycle gave me a big bag of infant crib bedding, some baby toys, and a bassinet today.

Photo Notes: These pictures were from Thanksgiving Day. We spent the day together as a family putting up Christmas decorations, eating a wonderful dinner, and remodeling our guest bathroom.


m said...

well, good luck with the surgery, sounds like it will be quite an ordeal, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

and good luck with the behavior program as well, i hope your little one can get the treatment you feel is best. when will you find out for sure if she's accepted?

thanks for the posts, hope you are doing well my frined. more soon.

Mama said...

Thanks M. The surgery went well and she appears to be all healed. I'm hoping this behavior program will be the thing that finally helps us help Hannah. She's really struggling right now and so consequently are we. Any chance you'll turn your comments back on so we can leave you little notes? :)