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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rough Week with a Happy Ending

It was a rough week at our house this week.  Hannah had several major meltdowns during the after school hours.  She managed to physically hurt me bad enough that I will bear the marks of her aggression for quite awhile.  She also finished up kicking the last of her door jam off of her door so that the next kick fest could very well send the door off of its hinges.  Anger management has not gotten any better with therapy or the meds thus far.  However, I did get to spend some significant time with her today while under the influence of the meds and she exhibited control with another little boy at the museum rudely ripped the police cruiser radio out of her hand.  I was quite proud of her for that and praised her profusely.  As it was happening my heart went nuts, sure there was about to be a nasty scene, but my little one kept her cool! :) Today we had a fabulous day together.  We needed it.  When too many rough days/weeks pile on top of each other it's hard to drag yourself back up and remember the good times.  Today helped me to remember the good times and to give me hope that maybe the right dose of meds can help her keep her anger/impulsivity under control enough to think about the consequences of her actions before she makes her choice of response to a situation. 

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