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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Family of Four

We are back to being a family of 4.  Today our 5th foster placement showed up.  We had done respite for her  back in September so we already know her which is nice.  Hannah was both excited and a bit annoyed that she was coming back.  She's glad to have a playmate and roommate again, but bummed that she's going to have to share her stuff again!  Today after school they made "soup" together outside using leaves and dirt. They seemed to have a good time.  Bedtime went ok too.  I wonder how long the honeymoon will last before we see how our new family dynamics will turn out?  Wish us luck! PS  She came to us with a nick name already so from here on out I'll refer to her on the blog as Tater Tot!

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Anonymous said...

I wish you luck with Tater Tot and Hannah! As hard as it is to have to share, Hannah may enjoy a little company.