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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Emergency Room

Before everyone freaks out any more than they need to, just know that Hannah will be fine. But we had to take her to the emergency room last night because we got a call from Wishard Hospital (where she was delivered) telling us that Hannah had tested positive for the herpes virus and needed to start IV medication right away to treat it before it became a serious problem. So, we took her immediately to the hospital and spent from 8:00 pm to 4:00 am in the emergency room until they finally admitted us and gave us a room on the pediatric wing. They've done several tests on Hannah, including lots of x-rays and a spinal tap, and we are awaiting the results of most of them over the next few days. The minimum amount of time she will have to stay at the hospital is 2 weeks and the most is probably not more than 3 weeks. Kyle and I are very nervous for Hannah, but the doctors have assured us that because she is showing no symptoms and we have begun treatment this early that she should recover completely with no lasting effects. We would appreciate everyone's prayers for Hannah and for Tiffany (she's beating herself up about this pretty badly) and want to let you know that we will be spending most of our time at the hospital the next few weeks so please do not be offended if you don't get a call or an email returned as we will only be using the house as a dumping point for awhile.


Christina said...
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cjtwohig said...

Our prayers are with your family. Let us know if there is anything that Patrick and or myself can do for ya'll. Take Care

Cynthia & Patrick

Kristin said...

Our prayers are with you during this time. Let us know how we can help. Give her a kiss from us. Love ya. Kristie and Chris

Emily said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll be praying for the four of you, and hopefully things will work out for the best.

Emily and Kevin