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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Moving Right Along

Hannah has been a very busy baby since my last post. She is currently hosting her Grandpa at the house because he is not feeling well. She went to pick him up at the hospital on the 10th and he's been with us ever since. Hannah loves having Grandpa here and they are getting lots of bonding time. She is also enjoying Grandpa's dog, My, because she has a long furry tail that is oh so fun to grab!

As for Hannah's newest accomplishments there are many! She's now eating 3rd stage baby foods that are very chunky. She likes them quite a bit and as always never bats an eye at new foods. She's been eating so much solid food lately that we actually cut back her formula an ounce on each bottle! She really does like her food :)

The most exciting update is that Hannah can now sit herself up from either her belly or her back with no trouble at all. She really surprised her grandpa and I one night by starting out across the room from me sitting up and then all of sudden I felt a tug at my leg and Hannah was sitting at my feet yanking on my pant leg! We thought, "How on earth did she get over here!" Until then we did not realize she could sit herself up.

Ok, it's been a few days since I started this post and I have a new and exciting announcement, Hannah crawled for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has not really duplicated this amazing feat yet, but we have her first time on video as proof! She's working really hard at it every chance she gets and the pets are a huge incentive for her. She can now get into sitting and crawling position quite easily and goes absolutely everywhere she wants to go quite quickly. Once she really gets the hang of this crawling there will be no stopping her!

She's also into absolutely EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe anymore as she pulls things off of tables, opens doors and cabinets that aren't locked, pushes things out of the way and tries to pull herself up on shelves to get coveted objects. It's amazing how much progress she's made in just a few days. She seems more and more like a toddler every day. She even had her first table food yesterday. She ate some pieces of a biscuit and some mashed up banana. She LOVED the biscuits. She kept giving us the look like she thought she was hot stuff for feeding herself the biscuit like she was getting away with something she shouldn't be doing! :)

Hannah is such a joy in my life. I can't imagine what I ever did without her. Every day I thank my lucky stars that God blessed me with such an amazing little girl. She's growing so fast. I wish she would slow down, but it is amazing to watch her grow and develop into a beautiful little girl on the inside and out.

Oh, here's an update on the cutest baby contest. The voting starts tomorrow and you are able to vote online as well as through the paper ballots in the newspaper, but there is a catch. All votes (except for one vote per person per day using the newspaper paper ballot) are by donation only. It's $0.25 per vote and the minimum online donation is $5.00 (20 votes). The money all goes to fund the newspapers in education fund, but still I think it's a bit fishy that the voting actually costs money. Instead of the cutest baby winning it's going to turn into who's family and friends have the most money to spend on the voting :( I thought the donations were just the entry fees, but I was mistaken. I'll post the website where you can vote on here, although I don't expect anyone to feel like voting since it costs money. Looking at all the cute babies might be fun though, so take a peak and enjoy all those smiling faces since there were over 700 babies entered!

I have many more updates to post, but I want to be sure that I post this blog tonight so that people can see the baby contest tomorrow when voting starts. I'll try to get back to this sometime later in the week.

PS. Here are the before and after pics for my hair (finally!)

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I love your hair GREAT look for you