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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First Hair Cut

Hannah had her first real haircut last night. She's had her bangs trimmed twice by Daddy, but this time she got her bangs cut and the back of her hair (much to my dismay). It about killed me to let Janet (the lady who cuts our hair) do it, but I was out voted 4 to 1 on the subject of Hannah's baby mullet (as Kyle calls it). So, she now has a new hair do that I think makes her look like a boy, but everyone else seems to think looks much better. It's kinda like a baby bob cut. She was very good for the whole process so I was at least proud of her for that.

Hannah's butt is officially cleared up and sore free! YEAH! I've not had to put diaper rash cream on for 4 days! I'm so happy that chapter in her life is over. I hope it NEVER happens again.

Our visit this past weekend to see Tiffany and get all the kids' pictures taken was a huge fiasco. The photo session LITERALLY was a 3 ring circus! Not once during the an almost 2 hour session did all 3 of them cooperate at the same time! It really was a sight for sore eyes. This makes 3 photo sessions in a row that Hannah has not been good at. At least Melissa was able to get some good pictures despite Hannah's objections. The other two photographers were not so lucky (or maybe just not as talented as Melissa). It was nice to get to see Tiffany and the kids and we got to see her mom too. In a few weeks when the pictures are back Tiffany and Mike are going to come up and bring us the pictures and stay for a visit. That should be nice because we will actually be able to let the kids run around and play and we'll be able to sit and talk. Then in May we are going to the twins' 4th birthday party. Tiffany is getting one of those bounce house jumping things for the party and Kyle is wishing he could play in it already! Soon Hannah's birthday will be coming up and I can't wait to plan the party and for everyone who hasn't got to meet Tiffany and Mike and the twins to get to meet them.

Hannah has finally started to use her baby signs to communicate with us. She signs more, drink, and sometimes eat. Her favorite sign is more and she uses it to get us to give her more veggie puffs or to get me to continue to play a game with her for just a little bit longer. She also definitely understands the sign finished and she DOES NOT like it. Lately we've been getting tantrums when we sign finish if she still wants more puffs. Now I pour out a certain amount of puffs and tell her that these are all she gets. When she's down to the last one I tell her that she only has one more left and when they are gone we will be finished. When she's done and I tell her she's all finished and make the finished sign, she immediately signs more and stares right at the jar that holds the puffs. I tell her and sign finished again and she makes the more sign with more force (for her it's a clapping motion) and grunts at me. When I tell her finished again she starts to scream and makes the more sign! It's actually a bit funny to watch, but it gets old fast. I'm becoming the master at distracting her from her obsession with the puffs. She'd eat the entire jar if we would let her!

Hannah's crawling speed is increasing and she's trying to pull up on anything she can get her hands on. She's pulled several things over on herself and flopped back on the floor many times, but it hasn't seemed to deter her from trying. She's quite good at using our arms to pull up on since they are an adjustable height, but so far she hasn't mastered using the furniture to pull up on just yet. She has acquired a few battle scares from her new found mobility though. She cracked her head on the coffee table (we now have a pad around it!) and cut her eye the day before her photo session with Tiffany and the twins and then last night she crawled head on into Sarah and Jason's bed and cut her lip! She's a definite hazard to herself, but I'm afraid it's only going to get worse as she really loves to explore everything. She's figuring out the lay of the land so to speak in the house and now crawls from room to room to come find us if we leave her alone in a room. She always looks so proud of herself when we look down and see her at our feet when it was not where we had left her! She loves to bang on things, open drawers and cabinets, and pull things off shelves. I'm in the process of trying to teach her which books are hers and which shelves of books are off limits to her. This will be a LONG process I think. Let's just hope that there are not too many casualties in the book department before she learns! She also really likes her grandpa's oxygen tanks. I wage a constant battle every day to keep her curious little hands from tipping them over on her head.

She's also learning how to manipulate people very easily. She has her grandpa trained very well to get the things she wants. She knows exactly how to lure him out of his seat and how to get him to pick her up. She also knows how to get him to take her to me! She's a little manipulator already! This does not bode well for her teenage years!

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