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Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Poor Baby

I feel SO bad for Hannah. The poor thing has been run through the ringer and it just won't seem to let up. We got the OK to go off the nasty antibiotic and the diarrhea has been cut in half (episodes are now only about 1 every hour), but her poor bottom is still absolutely raw. It's to the point that it's bleeding and every time I even take her to the changing table or start to unzip her sleeper she goes stiff and starts screaming. We've been slathering it with neosporin and diaper cream about a half inch thick and I guess it is a bit better, but not better enough. My heart just wrenches each time I see that fear in her eyes when I go to change her diaper. Even with the diarrhea lessening up, about the only things I've managed to get done in the past week are wash load after load of sleepers, onesies, and blankets (Hannah goes through ALL of her sleepers at least once a day, sometimes twice!), change diapers, push fluids at Hannah, and rock her to sleep. I'm absolutely exhausted and I know I'm a ton more rested than my poor little girl. She always looks just beat. This diarrhea is really taking it out of her. It's so corrosive and explosive that it's unbelievable. Many times we can either hear or smell it as soon as an attack hits and by the time I have her picked up it's already blasted through the diaper, onesie, and sleeper and onto the floor! It seriously happens that fast. The other day we decided to give her bottom a break and let her sit for awhile without a diaper. We spread out some old towels on the floor and sat her down on them. All of a sudden a huge pool formed around her bottom. Kyle quickly picked her up to get her out of it and then a fountain erupted from her backside that shot clear across the towels and onto the floor! She got some serious distance with that poop. Changing her diaper has been quite hazardous because of this particular property of the poop. Anytime the diaper is off you just never can tell when a poop attack might shoot you, the changing table, or the floor. Once it even sailed off the changing table and all the way over to the rocker! Hannah's fever has been going up and down since she's been off the antibiotic, but it has managed to stay just below 100 degrees so the doctor says we are in the clear for now on that. We did have another vomiting incident this morning, but this time it wasn't projectile so the doctor said not to be too concerned about that either just yet. Hannah has another appointment with the doctor tomorrow and hopefully we will get some more answers and find out how to make my poor baby more comfortable.

As far as non illness related updates Hannah has learned a new way to try crawling. Instead of getting up on her hands and knees she now stands on her hands and feet with her butt way up in the air. She looks so cute doing it. She walks her hands forward in a crawling motion, but forgets to move her feet so she eventually collapses back onto the floor, but I don't think it will be long before she will be trucking right along using her new method of transportation. Apparently last night while I was out and Hannah was spending the evening hanging out with Daddy and Grandpa, Hannah had a sweet cuddle session with our cat Penny. Grandpa took lots of pictures of it and I am so sad that I missed it. She looked absolutely precious all snuggled up with the cat and Penny was such a good boy for letting her do it. I just know that she's going to be an animal lover. She just might end up being a vet or something like that she loves them so much. I don't think I've ever seen her happier than when she's petting our animals.


Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys said...

Oh poor Hannah - hang in there! And I have to recommend Bourdeax's Butt Paste. It sounds weird...but it is the ONLY thing that works for Joshua's diaper rashes - so if you haven't tried it - give it a shot. We will say a prayer for little Hannah to get better fast. :)

Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys said...

Hannah does look just like Joshua Lovin' on the kitty! Too funny how much kids are alike!!