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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Little Fish

Apparently Hannah's Finding Nemo room has made an impact on her because I discovered this week that Hannah is part fish. We started going to a Mommy and Me swim class at the YMCA and Hannah loves it! She splashes and kicks around like she was born to be in the water. She even dunked herself on Monday on accident and didn't get upset about it at all. That being said, Hannah is not half the swimmer that her friend Evelyn is. I think if Sarah let Evelyn go she would actually just start swimming around! The instructor even commented to Sarah on how good Evelyn was doing and she's even the youngest baby in the class!

Besides swim class, Hannah and I have been playing outside as often as possible and I think Hannah has finally gotten over her distaste for grass. In fact, I think she has literally acquired a taste for it! I have to spend a good portion of our play time keeping Hannah from grazing! You will all be happy to know that Hannah broke in her new play clothes this week and has her very first grass stains on the knees of her play jeans! I'm such a proud Mama. Maybe, just maybe she won't turn out to be a city girl after all.

Hannah's cold is pretty much gone although she still has a runny nose. The snot is perfectly clear though which makes me wonder if she has allergies. Her nose seems to run more when she is outside and her eyes water some too. Tiffany has allergies so I suppose it isn't far fetched to think that Hannah might have some as well. If it gets any worse I may take her to the doctor just to talk to him about it.

Hannah's hand-eye coordination continues to improve and she can now easily put the rings on her rock and stack on the first try pretty much all of the time. She's even started experimenting with other things that might go on there like the blocks from her shape sorter, teething rings, the lid to the shape sorter, the list could go on and on. Books also continue to be a love of hers. We read dozens every day (sometimes the same book dozens of times!) and she also spends quite a bit of time looking at them on her own. Yesterday she was obsessed with her Five in the Bed book and asked me to read it so many times that I couldn't stand the thought of reading it again so I hid it under a stack of other books on her shelf and then distracted her with another toy. Eventually when she wanted another story and I told her to go get a book I assumed she would take the top book on one of the stacks and I would be spared another go round of "Roll over, roll over," but much to my dismay she rummaged through all the piles of books until she found the Five in the Bed book and then brought it over to me and signed for me to read it! I was absolutely shocked that she searched through the piles to find it. I had always thought that her choice of books was random and she just picked up whatever book she happened to get her hands on, but apparently not. She seems to actually be choosing books based on her interests for the day. That is so crazy for me. It seems so odd to think of her as a little person with actual tastes in literature already, but she is growing and maturing so quickly that I shouldn't be surprised.

I'm back again and now it's Wednesday. Hannah and I just had a battle over a nap. I eventually won, but boy did it take it out of me. While her sleep at night is getting much better, naps are becoming more and more of a struggle. She just wants to go go go all the time and now that she can stand up in her crib she will hold onto the bars and shake them and scream and scream. Before if I left her to cry it out and fall asleep at least she was already laying down. Now while she's screaming standing up she has no chance of just drifting off to sleep. It's such a hard problem to figure out. I feel like such a meanie letting her cry. :( I know she's tired. She knows she's tired. But she just doesn't want to miss a single thing that might happen while she sleeps and so she fights. Hopefully this stage will soon pass before I get too many grey hairs.

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