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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pulling Up

Hannah pulled up on the coffee table for the first time last night! She actually repeated her new trick several times that night and has done it once today as well. She's been using our hands to pull herself up for quite awhile now, but this was the first time she was actually successful using something other than us. She continues to enjoy walking around the house with our help and her crawling speed is still increasing (it's unbelievable how fast she is!). Pretty soon she'll be cruising around the furniture I suppose and then my life will REALLY change. Hannah's also started to repeat the words that we ask her to say. She can now repeat mom mom, dada, cat, dog, duck, cat, and hi. Yesterday she even yelled Ella when Ella started barking, just like we do! She continues to study intently everything she can get her hands on and has even started sorting objects although I'm not always clear on her categories! Yesterday she was sorting bibs and then taking them out of their basket and putting them back in one by one. It was very cute! She has a little crawl through tunnel (it used to be her play gym) that she loves to drag books inside and "read" them. Today she spent probably 15 minutes alone in her tent reading and comparing her books. She such a big girl!

Well, I'm back again and now it's Friday. Hannah pulled up on all sorts of things yesterday and is getting quite good at it. Today when she didn't want to go down for her nap I found her screaming standing up in her crib shaking the bars! It looked like she was in prison :( Hannah has also been eating many more finger foods. Now she's tried tomatoes, chicken, tortilla, cheerios, onions, and toast. She's getting really sassy about asking for food and wants to try everything we are eating if she isn't busy eating something of her own!

Hannah has also been liking to "help" us do things. She loves to turn off the light in her room, turn the pages of books we are reading to her, brush her own hair as well as mommy's, and brush her teeth. The brushing her own teeth is absolutely adorable. She opens her mouth and says "Ahhhh" as soon as she sees me getting out the toothbrush and toothpaste! Then she holds the brush with me while I brush her teeth. Then I give it to her to do by herself and she opens her mouth, says ahhh, and moves the brush back and forth inside her mouth. It's absolutely adorable. I can't wait to get a video of it.

Well, that's all the updates I have for today. I'm sure I'll have many more soon as it seems like Hannah is making developmental leaps and bounds every single day.

PS. Notice in the picture that Hannah wants to hold the leaf by it's "handle" AKA the stem. It's the only way she would touch it after she initially felt it!

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