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Monday, April 02, 2007

New Word

Hannah learned a new word yesterday. Now, besides saying Mom Mom and DaDa, she can say Ella! When Hannah was first born we used to joke about Ella being Hannah's first word since she hears us yell it so much and it seems like we weren't that far off. She's really been enjoying trying it out.

She continues to crawl absolutely everywhere and it really wears me out. She is so curious and wants to explore everything. She knows there are certain places that she is not supposed to go and there are certain things she is not supposed to touch. She even tells us no by shaking her head as she is crawling towards them, but she just can't help herself from trying to touch them anyway!

Her proficiency with her signs is also improving and she's telling us she is hungry a lot now. She's also been taking longer naps this past week so I think she may be hitting another growth spurt. Hannah as also become more interested in eating table food and has tried shredded cheese, cheerios, broccoli, and corn lately. She really likes to sit in her high chair and eat dinner with us.

The tantrums have continued although they seem to be getting better. I can usually predict when one is about to hit now which is nice. Her new thing however is stranger anxiety. She has not been liking to be held by or left with anyone she doesn't know really well. I actually had to go get her from the nursery at church yesterday because I could hear her screaming from the basement while I was upstairs in the sanctuary during service! The poor thing was terrified. Apparently my friend Sarah (Evelyn's mom) had been down there earlier dropping Evelyn off and Hannah calmed right down when Sarah took her from the nursery worker, but that calmness didn't last after Sarah left :(

Here is one last video I have of Hannah playing in her jumperoo.

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