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Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Sentence

Hannah used her first sentence the other day and I about passed out I was so shocked! I was feeding her solids (a banana and cereal) and she signed more and then said banana. When I just stared at her she repeated the combo! Ever since she's been asking for bananas every time I put her in her highchair. Sometimes the word sounds like nana, but about half of the time she gets it almost exactly right and says all 3 syllables (or sometimes four if she gets excited)! It sounds like Baaa nanana. Yesterday she also made the sign for cat for the first time and pair it with tat. She's been obsessed with the box of cat litter (not the actual litter box, but what you buy the litter in) today. It has pictures of cats on it and she keeps crawling over to it and saying and signing cat. She's also been playing with her new picture magnets a bunch today and saying mamaw over and over. Hannah still hasn't been very interested in her walker lately. She is however practicing walking using my hands. It really does seem like she is concentrating on learning to talk rather than on physical accomplishments. She jabbers all day long and uses the words she knows get results as often as she can!

Swim class ended yesterday and I must say it was a bit disappointing since the instructor didn't even show up. We may try to go some place different for swimming this summer. Who knows, maybe Hannah will get her own baby pool.

I can hardly believe it but Hannah is almost a year old! I got an email from one of the online baby development sites I visit and it just hit me. I thought, "wow, surely it hasn't been a year yet?", but I guess it has. Thankfully, I finally got around to reserving the shelter house for her birthday party so we will all have somewhere to party in a few weeks. Her party will be July 7th at 2:00pm at the park by our house. Everyone is welcome to come help Hannah celebrate her big day with cake and ice cream. Feel free to bring your bikes, Rollerblades, basketballs or other outdoor toys to play with at the park. I'm looking forward to all our friends and family meeting Tiffany and Mike and for them to meet you all! Hannah has so many people who love her. It will be awesome to have them all in one place for once.

It's been a few days since I started this post and I already have some more updates. Hannah has learned two new signs and a new word! Hannah now both says and signs cat. She would say it sometimes before, but not do the sign at all. Now she's even doing the sign when she sees a picture of a cat or even a cat on TV. Tonight I was watching Shrek 2 to prepare for Kyle and I's next date night where we plan to watch Shrek 3. Every time Puss N Boots came on the screen Hannah would sign and say cat. It really made me smile. Interestingly enough, every time she saw Donkey she would either say Ella or sign and say dog! Her newest word and sign she did for the first time tonight, but I'm sure she's got it down pat as she did it continually is cheese. She loves to eat cheese and I showed her the sign for it for the first time on Friday. Tonight I did it again and she immediately did it back to me and said, eeze. Every time she would run out of cheese on her tray she would sign more and then sign and say cheese! So, a new sign and another sentence. In other Hannah news, she's finally decided to get back to using her walker again. She's been going all over the place with it this weekend. She even improvised while at Grandpa's house yesterday and used his rolly chair!

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Matt & Lori said...

I can't believe how much she is learning and how quickly. Everyone tells you how fast they grow but I don't think it sinks in until you have one of your own. In all of your spare time (haha) could you send me some info on the baby signs you use with Hannah? Like when did you start working with her and did you take a class or buy a book? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!