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Monday, May 14, 2007

Formula Frustrations

Hannah has decided lately that she just doesn't want her formula anymore. She would much rather eat Cheerios, baby food, or whatever mom and dad are eating. Unfortunately, the doctor says she's not old enough to wean herself off of the formula yet so somehow we have to make her drink it. That's not an easy task either. She's such a strong girl that it's difficult to force her to do anything. On a positive not, what formula she does drink is now entirely out of sippy cup! The bottles are history and just in time too. They've been dropping like flies in the dishwasher lately. We lost 3 alone last night when the heat of the dishwasher cracked the plastic. Since she's been taking all of her formula out of the sippy cup we decided to see if she would hold the cup herself (we had been holding it for her like a bottle-one step at a time!). If we were holding her she refused to hold the cup, but when I put her in her highchair last night and this morning she held the cup by herself and drank all of the formula that she intended to drink! So, even though she's not drinking as much formula as she should be, at least the formula that she is drinking is being fed to her by her own hand. That's an achievement anyway!

Hannah still has her cold mentioned in a previous post. It started to get better, but then came back. Now, however, she's traded a fever for laryngitis. Her poor little voice is about gone. It cracks when she talks and is all husky and raspy sounding :( Actually, it's very cute to hear, but I know it's not good for her because it's all that drainage that's causing it. Kyle and I have become expert snot suckers. We have our routine down to a T. Poor Hannah absolutely hates it and I can't say that I blame her, but it's got to be done. When I'm home alone with her it's quite a challenge to clear it out though. She is SO STRONG. I can barely even get the aspirator near her nose. Maybe if I had four arms, but even then I'm not sure!

Hannah got a new bike helmet (this one is smaller than her previous one and she can't pull it off) so she finally got to be ungrounded and go back out in her bike trailer with Daddy. She really didn't care for wearing the helmet, but at least she couldn't get this one off. Eventually she gave up and just sat back and enjoyed the ride. She enjoys riding in her baby back pack so much that I hope she eventually gets as excited about riding in the trailer as she does about it. It's to the point when she sees us get the backpack out she crawls over really fast and gets excited. I'd love to see her get that way about seeing her bike helmet too!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of hannah.. Hope to get to see her soon.. Love grandma Like