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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Busy Weekend

Hannah had a very busy weekend. Thursday Kyle and I took her to the zoo and she really enjoyed herself. She had a play date with Evelyn Friday night so Kyle and I could go watch Evan Almighty. Saturday IAC (our adoption agency) had a picnic so we traveled to Franklin for that. Sunday was the Clod reunion so we did that and also stopped by to visit Mamaw and Papaw on the way there. Hannah was absolutely exhausted after all of our traveling, but she still had trouble sleeping. Both nights she was up several times during the night. We think her teeth are bothering her and that she is hungry. She's finally back to eating as much as she did before she got sick and then some! Yesterday and today she has been hungry ALL day. She would seriously eat all day if I let her. I'm having a hard time of knowing exactly how much to let her eat. Not even a week ago I was calling the doctor because I was worried she wasn't eating enough and now I don't know how to tell if she's eating too much!

Today she accidentally stood on her own for about 20 seconds. That was exciting! She pulled herself up on me and was trying to get my sunglasses off my head (we were wearing our sunglasses in the house to get used to having them on!) and as I moved my head around she just let go of me and started swiping at the glasses with both hands at the same time. Eventually she realized she wasn't holding on, freaked out, and fell down, but still she was pretty steady before she noticed. The problem is that she doesn't really WANT to stand on her own. Her friend Evelyn is rock solid and can stand up from the floor without even holding onto anything and then stay there infinitely, but Hannah has no interest in that. She's spending all her time developing her vocabulary. At the zoo she learned some new words and signs and loved practicing the ones she already knows. Her newest and most endearing sign is please. She's getting really good at asking for things and adding the please onto whatever she wants. She even pulls it out when she really wants to do something and we are telling her no. She's finally got her name down pat and likes to point to pictures of herself around the house and say, "Haaanaaah." She almost always draws the vowel sounds out, but it's so cute to hear her.

Lately she's been loving sharing fruit with me. She really likes to bite off the pieces by herself instead of me cutting a piece off for her. I guess sharing that apple with her way back when started something. She now loves to eat apples, peaches, and plums as well as bananas just like a big person. She does think that apple is the universal word for round fruit that you bite off the core, but we are working on that. Last night we were sharing a peach and she sucked every last shred of fruit off of the pit and then threw a major fit when I had to throw the pit away and we were done. I guess she really likes her fruit.

When we were at the zoo, Hannah really enjoyed seeing the fish in tanks, the zebras (she called them horses), and the ducks. I would have liked to have stayed longer and went back through the oceans building, but it was so hot and crowded that Hannah started to get cranky and we had to call it a day. Maybe next time we can visit the butterfly gardens too.

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