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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Now that Hannah has top and bottom front teeth, she really enjoys eating fruit that she can bite off with her teeth. The other day she helped me eat a peach and today we shared an apple. She really loved the apple, especially hearing her teeth crunch through it! I think eating that apple together finally made the sign and word for apple stick because she's been going around saying "Apuh" and making the sign nonstop ever since!

The other day when we were at the grocery store Hannah had her hair up in pigtails and was being exceptionally cute. She was even flirting with the bagger boy! Anyway, he said that she looked just like Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I had to laugh because just before we left home for the store I had been telling Kyle that I thought she looked exactly like her too!

In the signing department, besides apple Hannah has a few more new signs that I think she knows pretty well. They are flower, banana, and peas. She continues to search out things in the house to label and the other day she had crawled over to one of the bookcases and kept saying horse and making the sign for horse and I kept telling her, "No Hannah, there are no horses over here." But she kept saying it over and over again, so finally I got up and walked over to pick her up and sure enough there was a horse on the cover of one of the books that I couldn't see from my vantage point and she was pointing right at it! That little girl has eagle eyes! Continuing with her communication, a few days ago Hannah's birthfather called us up to chat and while I was talking to him Hannah kept trying to grab the phone like she always does and was saying hi. Mike was so surprised. He said, "Is she saying hi to me?" I said, "Yup she sure is!" and he could not believe that she was talking on the phone already! Speaking of talking on the phone, last night I was chatting with my Aunt Myrna and Hannah was watching me talk. Then she crawled over and got her Sesame Street remote control, which looks a lot like a phone, and held it up to her ear and started jabbering away into it. It was so adorable. It made me smile so hard my cheeks hurt.

Yesterday Kyle and I took Hannah to a little park near our house that we had heard had some new playground equipment for toddlers. It was really neat and only about a 15 minute walk from our house. It had a baby swing which Hannah loved and threw a fit when we tried to take her out of it! It also had a bouncy gecko thing with a spring which she liked rocking on, some small slides which she liked going down, and lots of steps for climbing. Up until now, Hannah had not been able to actually climb up on anything. She would put her knee up, but then as her foot would start to slide back she would get scared and quit. But yesterday she climbed up 4 steps to get to the top of the jungle gym and go down the slide. I was so proud of her! Then, later on that night she practiced climbing up the step onto our deck. She wasn't sure how to get back down from the step on the deck and asked for help from me to do that, but it's definitely a start.

Here are some more videos. I'm finally getting some current ones uploaded! To see the video just click on the links below.

This is a video of Hannah playing with her rings.

This is a video of Hannah and I at the play place in the mall when we went to get our Mother's Day pictures taken. She loves to watch all the big kids run around and act crazy.

Hannah likes to use anything that is round as a bracelet.

Here's a video of Hannah actually drinking her formula out of her sippy cup.

The next two videos are of Hannah terrorizing poor Abby.

Hannah is playing with her magnets that Mamaw gave her. Listen closely for her to say Mamaw and Zeke. Poor Papaw doesn't get a name!


Cloddy said...

Omg Nat! You need to take that video of Hannah playin w/her walker off here!!!! Ella is in the back lickin Abby and it looks horrible! OMG!

Kristin said...

I second that!! OMG!!! LOL. Bad dogs!! Very bad!! But Hannah looks great!!!