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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Solo Standing

Hannah stood by herself for the first time today (well for any significant length of time anyway). I was feeding the cats and Hannah had pull herself up on the cans that I keep the cat food in. When it came time to open the can that she was leaning against I said, "Hannah, move your hands. Mommy needs to feed the cats." and she just let go and stood up! She stood there perfectly balanced while I removed the lid, scooped out the cat food, put the scoop back in the can, and replaced the lid. Then she went right back to resting her hands on the can! I was in shock that she stood for that long because she hasn't shown any interest in standing on her own at all yet. Every time we try to get her to let go of our hands to stand alone she panics and thrashes around to get a hold of us. Today she was calm as could be and actually let go on her own. She's been using her walker to get around quite a bit this past week and she has finally decided that cruising the furniture is a viable mode of transportation. She even makes transfers between different pieces of furniture.

In the communication area she has a new word. It is puffs (which include veggie puffs, cheerios, and wagon wheels). It sounds like bups when she says it, but she is consistent about using it in the correct context so I'm pretty sure that's what she means. Last night I was feeding her some carrots and she started saying bups. When I went to give her more carrots she threw the carrot on the floor, gave me a disgusted look, stared right at the cheerio container, signed more and said "bups." She made her point very clear! Lately she loves to have things labeled so we walk around the house saying the names of anything we can find. She will point to something and I will tell her the name and she will repeat it. She attempts to repeat pretty much anything we say now, but most of the things I don't count as actual words in her vocabulary until she uses them spontaneously. Oh, I almost forgot she has some more new words! Horse, Hannah, and socks are the newest. She also knows the sign for horse, although she gets confused with her animal signs sometimes now! Anytime she sees pictures of the pets, of horses, or people on our walls she will point to the picture and say the name and then look at us to see if she got it right. If she has said the wrong word we just say the correct name back to her and then she repeats it. She loves to go down the hallway and see our wedding pictures. She points to them and says, Mama, Dada! She is so proud of herself when she gets them right. She's also been pointing at the various fish on the walls in her room and waiting for me to tell her their names. Just fish doesn't satisfy her anymore. She expects the character names now. I thought she was trying to say Nemo today, but it didn't sound anything like Nemo. She just kept saying the same thing over and over each time she pointed to any of the Nemo stickers in her room so maybe she has her own special name for him!

She's been VERY clingy lately and wants to be held all the time. "Up" is her favorite word at the moment and I get extremely tired of hearing it! She's now 24.6 lbs ( I have her exact weight since we weighed her on the jockey scale at Indiana Downs Tuesday night when I went to visit Heather!) and that's way too heavy for me to be carting around all day long. She also uses the word "up" when she wants down. We are working on teaching her the word and sign for down so we don't have to hear "up" when she is already up! Sleep continues to be a struggle for her, both at night and during naps. I just keep praying that this too shall pass. The poor thing just gets so exhausted that I wish she would sleep more, but she refuses to miss anything. On Tuesday night she screamed in the van for over an hour on the way home from the racetrack. Poor Kristie and Chris got a big dose of the realities of parenthood that night since I was driving and they were left to listen to her/try to comfort her (which of course doesn't work when she's decided that she does not want to be comforted!).

Transitioning away from the bottle is pretty much stalled at the moment. Sometimes Hannah will drink her entire bottle from the sippy cup sitting in her highchair all by herself and others she will barely drink an ounce of it from the sippy cup and I have to pour it back into a bottle and hold it for her so she will drink it. I feel like I'm stuck in a Catch 22. I think the only way to get her to transition solely to the sippy cup is to not let her drink from the bottle at all anymore and if that means she doesn't get all of her formula then so be it, but the doctor said that she absolutely has to get at least 24 oz of formula every day and we have to do whatever it takes to get it down her. So, there goes that idea. I guess I will just have to hold out until her 1 year check up and ask him what on earth I am supposed to do! The good news is that her hunger strikes seem to be over for the moment and she is back to eating 7 oz of formula at each bottle.

As far as solids go she is feeding herself very well. We give her quite a bit of table food now and she could conceivably feed herself an entire meal now I think. Today I bought her some suction cup bowls and I pulled out her spoons. We are going to give using dishes and utensils to feed ourself a go tomorrow. That should be interesting!

Here are some more videos. Just click on the links below to watch the video.

Hannah loves to help brush her teeth, but she got performance anxiety during this video!

We were trying to catch Hannah saying "HI" but she wanted to get the camera instead!

Hannah's favorite place to nap is in her baby backpack on Daddy's back.

This is one of her first tries using her walker.

Hannah likes to share her toys with Evelyn.

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