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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Super Virus

Well it turned out that the virus that Hannah, Evelyn, and the other baby (Eleanor) got was a super contagious one because entire families have been succumbing to it! The casualty count is now 3 babies, 2 siblings, 3 daddies, and 2 mommies (and that's just what we've heard of so far)! Both Kyle and I came down with it, as did Evelyn's parents, as well as Eleanor's dad and two brothers. Hannah is still not completely back to normal, but hasn't had any vomit or diarrhea since Friday. Now the challenge is to get her fever to go away completely (it keeps going away and then reappearing again) and get her back on a regular eating routine. She actually did some pretty good eating today, but it just wasn't consistent. Sometimes she was absolutely ravenous and at others she didn't even want to look at a bottle, sippy cup, or piece of finger food. I seem to be through the worst of it. My fever is gone and I've been vomit free for over 24 hours. I'm starting to get a bit of energy back, but am still feeling quite weak and achey. Kyle is just starting the process, however, so I hope that for him the virus has weakened as it has passed through Hannah and I and maybe it won't be so hard on him. The hardest part about Hannah's entire illness was yesterday. It wasn't the puke or the diarrhea, but her desperate pleas for food. Because she was vomiting everything she ate or drink straight back up, the doctor said she was only allowed to have 2 sips of water every 15 minutes and then a few bites of applesauce if she managed to keep her water down. She was so thirsty by this point that she wanted to just guzzle the water down and 2 sips was just torture to her. She would get hysterical when we took the cup away and sign more to drink over and over again while she looked at us like she couldn't believe we were starving her! It would take the entire 15 minutes to get her calmed down and distracted by something else and then it was time to give her another sip and we had to start the whole process over again. Once she was tolerating her water and Kyle gave her some applesauce (which she ate greedily and that is a big deal since she HATES applesauce!) she even signed more to eat PLEASE to Kyle. She just kept pleading and pleading for more to eat and drink and it broke our hearts to not be able to give it to her. Today Mamaw came to watch her since Kyle and I could not keep up with her and she was really good about eating and drinking for awhile and then decided she didn't want any more to eat or drink at around 6pm. I'm worried she didn't get enough today, but I couldn't force it on her. I bet she won't make it through the night. I actually hope she wakes up in the middle of the night hungry. I would feel a lot better if she would even take 2 more ounces of formula.

Here are some more videos of Hannah from before she got sick.

This video is of Hannah and Evelyn using the cat food tins as drums. They get more enjoyment out of those old pop corn tins than I think they do out of any other toy.

This is Hannah's first balloon. She LOVED it (she actually still has it although the helium of course doesn't make it float anymore). Her favorite thing to do was hold it and then let it go and watch it float up to the ceiling. Then she would say and sign help for Kyle to get it down so she could do it all over again!
Here is Hannah's first time having a bowl and spoon on her tray. She really wasn't quite sure about the whole thing.
Hannah developed her own way of using her spoon. Unfortunately she got sick the day after these videos were taken so we haven't been able to continue her spoon training!

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