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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dressing Herself

Today Hannah discovered a new skill that she wants to master and that is the art of dressing herself! Pap, Mindy, and Uncle Kevin came to visit us and Pap and Mindy brought Hannah her birthday presents since they won't be able to come to her party. Well, her present was lots of new clothes and Hannah had a blast taking them out of the bag and then trying to put them on and take them off over and over again. She was really good about getting her legs through, but of course couldn't get them pulled up and trying to pull things over her head were a big frustration to her. At one point she asked Mindy for help and so Mindy helped her pull a skirt on over her onesie and then put her bikini top of her new bathing suit on over her onesie too! She was certainly stylish! Once she got those new clothes on she didn't want to take them off and wore them the rest of the day. The skirt made it hard for her to crawl around in so she had to adopt her crazy way of crawling where she crawls on her hands and feet instead of her knees.
Here are some new videos I uploaded recently. I hope you enjoy.
The first two videos are of Hannah watching one of her Praise Baby DVDs. They are videos with worship songs playing and all sorts of fun stuff for the babies to watch. Hannah LOVES them and she will often tell us what she sees on the video as she watches. In the first video if you listen closely you can hear her tell me that she sees bubbles and a baby.

In this second video if you listen you can hear her tell me that she sees more bubbles, another baby, blocks, and a flower. This is a great video of her doing the flower sign that I said was so cute in a previous post.

Some days Hannah just absolutely refuses to nap. Usually that means that she will end up crashing around 7:00pm instead of her normal 8:00pm bedtime and we will have to suffer through her crankiness most of the afternoon and evening. On this particular day she did something she had NEVER done before, she just fell asleep in her highchair with her Zweibeck toast in her hand and food still in her mouth!
Sometimes when Hannah wears dresses she has a hard time crawling so she crawls on her hands and feet instead of her knees.

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Kristin said...

Natalie and Kyle - I watched all of the adorable movies of Hannah. She is too cute. I,(and Kristie's dad) just got back from the Black Hills and I remembered, Natalie, when you all went out there. It was awesome. I enjoyed perusing your blogg. Take care,
Susan (Kristie's mom)