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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tape Recorder

Hannah is a little tape recorder! Everything she hears she repeats and much of it is sticking with her. She now says milk, all done, animal, please, cherries, music, and just about anything else you can think of. She loves to mimic us and will do anything for a laugh. She's starting to get much better at using a spoon and has a lot of interest in doing it right now. Her attention span for her movies has increased and she loves to tell us what each and everything that comes on the screen is. She continues to be a little drama queen and we still negotiate about food. She's a bit better about drinking her milk now, but I'm still having a hard time adjusting to her not drinking a certain amount at a certain time every day. Anything electronic fascinates her and she's really quick about learning how to use things. For instance, she know that she must push a particular button to turn the phone on before any of the other buttons will make noise when she pushes them! She also knows that certain buttons on the remote make the DVD player flash and numbers move. As she realizes how tall she is and how much farther she can reach, more things are in danger. We can no longer leave plates and cups anywhere near the edge of the table, in fact, unless they are almost in the middle they are in jeopardy of being pulled onto the floor! Her tantrums are still around and they are getting more and more dramatic each week. She is really trying to push limits and see exactly what she can get away with and what she can't. It's frustrating for us, but apparently it's normal. More and more often she is using 2 and 3 word sentences to communicate. Sometimes she signs, sometimes she uses her words, and most often she combines the word with the sign just so we know exactly what she means. I think her favorite expression is "Help Please." She uses that a lot and I actually think that if she didn't have those 2 words we would have a LOT more tantrums than we already do. She's getting lots better at using thank you and actually reminds us to say it whenever we give her something! Maybe she's really thanking herself for doing something nice, who knows! Hannah's 8th tooth finally came in yesterday. It's been a long time coming and has caused several restless nights, but now that it's here I hope we have a bit of a reprieve before those molars start coming in. We've heard they are really rough. Lately Hannah's been into dancing on her own anytime she hears music. She will turn the music on her highchair toy on and then stand there and and bounce and flail her arms around and kick her legs in time to the music. She also turns on every single toy or book that makes music and bounces and claps her hands along with it! It's so neat to watch her get so excited about it. Hannah has learned a few more body parts recently and has been delighting in showing off her new knowledge. She gladly points to her knees and shoulders pretty much anytime we ask. My favorite new trick of hers is that she know does the motions for the song "If You're Happy and You Know It." She claps her hands, stomps her feet, and says "Amen" right on cue. She especially loves to do it in the bathtub because we change it to splash your hands and splash your feet and she thinks that is awesome!

I've got several more videos uploaded to google so I'll post them on here.

The first 2 videos are of Hannah trying to dress herself in her new birthday clothes from Pap and Mindy.

This video is of Hannah on the bouncy toy at the park. She loves to imitate Kyle and if you listen closely you can hear her yell "Woo Hoo!" in response to Kyle's woo hoo.

Hannah love music and she loves dancing. She always asks for music and then wants us to pick her up and dance with her. We get some serious tantrums when we become too tired to keep dancing and have to stop! This happens sooner and sooner to me the heavier she gets! The next two videos are of her dancing with Kyle and I.

Here are some videos of Hannah playing with her balls.

Here is Hannah exploring some of her birthday gifts.

Here are someof Hannah's first attempts at standing on her own.

Here's a video of Hannah reading some books.

This video is of Hannah using her spoon to eat applesauce.

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