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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


First off, I want to thank everyone who has visited the site and given us feedback. We really appreciate it.

Second, I want to assure everyone that the time stamps on the blog are completely wrong. Anyone who knows me knows I am not a night owl. I'm making all the posts in the middle of the day not at 3:00 am! I've tried to change the time stamp, but I just can't get it figured out. I'm doing what I think ought to change it, but so far it hasn't happened!

Third, we have had several requests to know the name we have chosen for our little one. I would LOVE to tell everyone. In fact if I had my way I would be shouting it to the hills I am so excited about it. However, Kyle wants very much to keep it a secret. He wants it to be a secret for two reasons. First, he figures everyone already knows pretty much everything about our little one that we do since I send out all these updates and he wants something that is his only to know. Second, he doesn't want any input on the name whatsoever. He doesn't want to tell someone and have them go, "Oh. . . . That's a 'nice' name." OR for someone to say, "That's nice, but have you thought about _______?" He doesn't want us to start second guessing ourselves. I can totally see where he's coming from, but I'd still love to tell everyone. Not only is it driving you all crazy, but it's making me crazy too! Oh well, I've kept it secret for about a month now. Less than a month now to go. Let's hope for my sanity that that I can keep this up! Kyle was so funny the other day. On our trip back from Columbus for our Memorial Day visit he said he wanted to start taking email "bets" to see if anyone could guess the name! He is curious what people think we are naming her. He said we should do it email b/c he doesn't think I could hide it or keep a straight face in person if someone really did guess correctly! :) He's probably right about that!

I'm going to try to post a few more ultrasound pictures here. We have six and I think I've posted 3 already. So I'll see if I can get the last 3 (which aren't nearly as good as the first picture of her face) to cooperate. Ok, I think I've got all three pictures on here although it took an almost Herculean effort to do so! All three pictures are of her head, but if you look closely in the first one you can see her arm as well. She's reaching across her face and it looks like she is sucking on her forearm. The other two pictures aren't nearly as flattering and remind me of those blurred out "proof" pictures of alien life forms!

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Tom Kortie said...

Hey, Myrna told me about your blog! SO happy for you both and looking forward to seeing photos of "insert name here" when she pops out in a few weeks. I understand keeping the name to yourselves for now... my niece and her husband kept their baby's name secret until she popped out... her name is Kyla, but while "under construction", her code name was "Peanut".


Tom Kortie