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Friday, September 22, 2006

Super Buddha

There are lots of Hannah updates today so I hope I don't forget anything! First I'll start with the title of the post since you are probably wondering already what on earth I was talking about. Super Buddha is what Kyle and I call Hannah's favorite sleeping position. I'll post a picture of it so that you can see what I'm talking about. She sleeps with the soles of her feet turned in towards each other (oftentimes touching) and her arms straight up past her head. We've noticed several variations of the Super Buddha pose such as Egyptian Buddha, Airplane Buddha, Buzz Lightyear Buddha, and many others. I'm going to attempt to capture a photo of each pose over the next few weeks and will make a photo post of them all for your viewing pleasure!

Another interesting thing we have noticed is that Hannah has a favorite toy on her mobile. This fact is quite evident as I've watched her several times and it's always the same. When I pointed it out to Kyle he saw it too. One day I was watching Hannah in her crib watching her mobile very intently. Every so often she would become very active and squeal with delight. Then she would grow anxious and start turning her head from side to side. As I watched I began to realize that this was a pattern that was recurring at set intervals. I studied her actions a little more closely and realized that she would become excited when the toy with a big orange smiley face on it would pass through her vision and then she would become anxious and begin looking for it once it was out of her range of vision. She would continue her search until the smiley appeared again and then she would get excited all over again! I'll try to post a picture of her favorite on here as well.

Wednesday, Hannah and I went shopping for her winter clothes with my friend Sarah and Hannah's buddy Evelyn. We ended up having quite the adventure. Poor Evelyn had some digestive disturbances while we were shopping and we had to make an emergency pit stop in the Macy's restroom for new clothes and a sponge bath! Hannah even had to let Evelyn borrow one of her bibs. Evelyn and Hannah seemed to get a kick out of watching Sarah and I scramble around cleaning up baby poop and searching for clean clothes and Sarah and I just had to laugh at our luck. During that shopping trip I bought Hannah a winter sleep sack. It was size 0-9 months and was huge. Well, last night Kyle put it on her at bedtime and when I came in to tell Hannah good night I noticed that her feet were all the way at the end of the sack already! The little stinker is doing it again! She's growing out of brand new clothes right after I finally take the tags off of them. That sleep sack was supposed to last her all winter! I don't think we can afford another growth spurt like this!

We also discovered this week that Hannah is officially teething. She had been showing the telltale signs for about a week (drooling, fussy, low grade fever on and off, chewing on everything) but Wednesday night we examined her mouth and we can actually see her bottom front 2 teeth just below the skin. I really hope they just go ahead and pop on through soon because this extra fussiness is for the birds. Last night the only thing that would soothe her was a cold wet wash cloth for her to chew on.

This weekend we also have a visit planned with Mike. It will be the first time he has been able to come visit us at the house. He got to visit Hannah once while she was in the hospital here in Lafayette, but this visit should be nice because we won't have nurses and doctors running in and out.

The final Hannah update is that we finally have Hannah's finalization date! On October 19th Hannah will officially become a legal Spontak! :) We have one more post placement visit on Wednesday and then our court date on the 19th is all that is left. It will be so wonderful to finally have all that paperwork completed and be done with the whole process. It was a long broken road to Hannah, but it has all been worth it. When I look at my little girl I can't even imagine how my life would have ever been complete without her. She was meant to be ours before we ever knew that our children would come to us through adoption and now I can't think of anything that could have been more perfect.

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