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Monday, September 18, 2006

Visit with Tiffany

Hannah got to visit with Tiffany and her family yesterday. They all came up for lunch and a visit so our house was quite full. All together it was Tiffany, Chase, Kayla (the twins), Donna (Tiffany's mom), and Robert (Tiffany's brother). With 8 people in our house (including 2 3 year-olds) it sure seemed really small! Chase and Kayla are both very active (especially Chase) so a good portion of the visit was made up of running around after them making sure they didn't escape into the street or terrorize the pets too much! :) Tiffany brought some baby pictures of her and it was amazing how much like Tiffany Hannah looks like. Interestingly enough, I was just looking at some of my old baby pictures and Hannah also looks an awful lot like me! They brought us a framed picture of Hannah from when she was born that had the caption, "I asked God for a miracle and He gave me you." It was very sweet of them. Tiffany also filled out the pregnancy pages of Hannah's baby book. I had bought a baby book at Halmark that had removable pages that could be taken out in the case of an adoption and replaced with adoption specific pages. Since we have a close relationship with Tiffany I asked her to fill out the pregnancy pages for Hannah so that she could have both. After they all left, I read what Tiffany had wrote on Hannah's pages and it made me cry. She said that after the first time she spoke with me on the phone she knew she had chosen the perfect parents.

Sunday was the culmination of a long week for Hannah, Kyle, and I. Because Kyle has had to work late hours at work all week I've felt a bit like a single parent and I must say that I have no idea how they do it! Spending this week all by myself with Hannah with no breaks made it a bit easier for me to know how Tiffany must feel and understand how she was able to make the decision to place Hannah with us. I'm sure it was very hard for her, but she knew the realities of being a single parent and knew that adding an infant would make things even harder. Hopefully this week will be a bit more normal and we can all have a bit of a rest before Mike drops by next weekend.

I tried to post some pictures of Tiffany's visit, but for some reason Blogger doesn't like them. I'll try to post those pictures on the next update.

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