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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Hannah had quite the busy Labor Day weekend. She had a visit from her Uncle Kevin and Emily, she went on a six mile walk with Mom and Dad in her stroller, got to have a picnic at the park, and ate outside on the deck with Mom and Dad in the nice weather. Hannah also has a busy week coming up. Tomorrow she turns 2 months old and gets her picture taken at JC Pennys and gets to hang out with her buddy Evelyn. Thursday she gets to go on a walk with Kristie and Friday she has her big 2 month check-up with her doctor and gets her first round of shots!

Her newest trick has been growing like crazy. I finally got all of her new clothes washed and put away and some of them she has almost outgrown already! She's now officially out of 0-3 month clothing and is almost out of 3-6 month sleepers! 3-6 month clothes without feet are ok. She's outgrown her 0-3 month socks and her 3-6 month socks and is now wearing 6-12 month socks! This girl has some BIG feet! She's been wearing lots of pants the past week since it's been nice and cool here and she looks oh so cute in her outfits. She's also had several occasions to wear her Old Navy hooded jacket that Aunt Heather gave her and she looks mighty cute in that too! I'm not sure how much longer that jacket is going to last her so I bought her a 6-9 month jacket at Walmart the other day so that I have something on hand when she finally does grow out of it. I am anxious to find out how much she weighs now and how long she is at her doctor's appointment.

Today I tried propping her up with her boppy pillow and she was able to sit up assisted by that for about 20 seconds. Her head is plenty steady now and she's raising her head and chest off of the floor during tummy time. She really enjoys being outdoors and will even sit in her bouncer on the deck while Kyle and I relax. Yesterday we finally got her a swing and so far she loves it. She is mesmerized by the floating fish that hang above it. This weekend she also moved up to taking 5 oz of formula at a time and has been downing the bottles like a pro. This switch necessitated us buying new bottles because our old bottles only held 4 oz.


Matt & Lori said...

I can't believe how big she is getting already! I wish I had known you were having a shower, I would have loved to come meet her but maybe we will see you all at Rose's homecoming. Since we missed the showers I have dropped a little something in the mail so keep a look out for it next week. I hope you are all doing well. Give Hannah lots of love from us!

Cloddy said...

*runs to check tags on other clothes* dang it! I knew I should have brought those other clothes for her to the baby shower! Let me know when she reaches 6-12/6-9 size tops! I don't want her growing out of them before she can wear them!