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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Accidental Rollover

My little girl accomplished a big thing today! Hannah rolled over from her belly to her back twice today!!!!! Both times were accidental, but still she was able to do it. She had spent most of the day awake and cranky so around 1:00 I put her down for some tummy time to try to wear her out. She was NOT pleased with my choice of activities and started thrashing about with her arms and legs. While thrashing she managed to push herself over onto her back. Afterwards she got real quiet and was glancing all around her like she was paranoid or something! I think she really surprised herself! I was so excited about this new trick that I rolled her right back over onto her tummy and after some more screaming and flailing she managed to flip herself over again! Of course I didn't have the video camera out since I didn't expect anything exciting because she was so tired and cranky! That'll teach me I guess!

Another new trick she taught herself today was how to kick her foot outside of the toy bar on her bouncer and prop it up on the bar like someone putting their feet up on a coffee table. When I saw her like that I thought, "Oh no, she's stuck," and I put her foot back where it belonged. She immediately lifted her foot back around the bar and propped it back up and then gave me a dirty look as if to say, "hey! I was comfy like that!"

We survived our first overnight trip with Hannah. Things really weren't too bad. Really the hardest part about the whole thing was the drive there and back. The carseat has lost its magic sleep inducing powers and Hannah was awake and wanting to be entertained most of the 2 hours there and 2 hours back. Her turtle kept her entertained for part of the time, but of course she kept knocking it out of her reach. So, I spent a good portion of both trips turned around in my seat, hanging over the back fetching the turtle. Both Kyle and Hannah found this highly amusing, but I did not see the humor in the situation. Finally on the way home it got so bad that Kyle had to pull over and I had to sit in the back with Hannah. The little stinker stopped fussing immediately and didn't knock her turtle out of reach the rest of the way home! In fact, she decided that it might be a nice time for a nap!

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