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Monday, October 30, 2006

Visit with Tiffany and Mike

We had another visit with Tiffany yesterday and Mike came along this time too. It was nice to see him since we hadn't seen him since Hannah was in the hospital. It was a nice, but hectic visit. Tiffany and I dressed all of the kids up in their Halloween costumes and had a photo shoot. It was fun! :) Hannah of course was Squirt from Finding Nemo. Chase was Spiderman and Kayla was a Barbie princess. We did have one catastrophe that I'm not sure what kind of havoc it will wreak. One of the dogs, not sure which one, managed to get ahold of Kayla's sparkly face make-up and eat the entire jar. Hopefully all that will happen is some mild digestional upset for the offending dog, but we are going to have to be vigilant for awhile since I'm not sure how bad that stuff is to be ingested.

Last Wednesday Hannah went to her first Halloween party at church. The church hosts a safe alternative to Trick-or-Treating called Trunk-or-Treat where members decorate their trunks and pass out candy from them in the church parking lot. They wanted me to take pictures so Kyle and Hannah came along too and Hannah got to dress up in her Squirt outfit. She looked adorable if I do say so myself!

Daylight Savings time is wreaking havoc in the Spontak household. The pets and the baby have their schedules all screwed up and are resisting the change vehemently. I've always been against daylight savings time and now I have one more reason why to add to my list! I'm praying that I will soon be able to get them all onto a new schedule, but I'm not too optimistic that this will be a quick transition.

Tomorrow Hannah goes to get her 4 month pictures taken. It's a few days early, but we had to do them tomorrow so that we could get the photographer that we love at JC Penny's. We thinks she takes the best pictures and she's great with babies too which is a must. I'm the kinda person that when I find something that I like that works I stick with it. So, I plan on requesting her every single month that we can possibly get her!

The other day Hannah decided to make me feel sad. When Kyle came home from work we went to the door to greet him. I was holding Hannah and she immediately spun herself around in my arms and reached both of her arms out to Kyle to be held. She didn't want boring old mom anymore. :( She wanted fun daddy! Kyle of course was thrilled. Me, not so much.

Hannah long overdue first haircut was finally performed. I held her head still while Kyle snipped. Her bangs are now nice and straight and out of her eyes. I'm sure she feels a lot better and it looks a lot better too!
Well, I just returned to the blog after tending to Hannah for several hours and while I was gone Hannah hit a major milestone! :) She rolled over by herself from her back to her tummy! I had been helping her practice rolling over like we do every day and then we stopped to take a breather. I was tempting her to reach out and grab one of her favorite wrist rattles, when all of a sudden she just up and rolled over to get it! I was so shocked and so was she! I gave her the rattle to play with for a bit and then I rolled her back onto her back and tempted her with the rattle again and she didn't hesitate a bit. She rolled right on over and grabbed it! Of course both times I didn't have my camera and she did it one more time before I got smart enough to go get the camera. As Murphy's Law would have it, once I got the camera Hannah was through rolling over to get the rattle, but if I put her onto her side and waved the rattle around she would go ahead and flip herself the rest of the way over. I did manage to get a video of that so I'm going to post it here. When she did it I was so excited I accidentally hit the stop record button on the camera! So, the video ends a little abruptly, but you can see the main part! :) To see the video, just click on the link. I'm so proud of my little girl I can hardly stand it! She's growing up so fast!


Kristin said...

Woohoo!! Go Hannah! Glad to see you got the court photo. How relieved you must be! Tiffany and Mike look great. The kids looked cute together! I hope to see Hannah roll over in person soon!

Cloddy said...

Go Hannah Go!