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Thursday, October 12, 2006

We have a cat?

Hannah realized for the first time yesterday that we have a cat. I was talking on the telephone with Mike, Hannah's birthfather, and Hannah was sitting on my lap when all of a sudden I noticed that Hannah was giggling. I looked down and saw her petting Sadie, one of our cats! Hannah was reaching out and rubbing Sadie's fur and Sadie was in turn rubbing her face up against Hannah's hand. Hannah must have liked the softness of Sadie's fur because she kept on reaching out and touching her and then giggling. The two of them were at it for several minutes. For the rest of the day, every time Hannah saw Sadie her eyes locked onto her and she reached out for her if she was close. On several other occasions she ended up petting the cat again. Even today she reached out for Sadie when Sadie walked by. It looks like I will need to be getting Hannah one of those look and feel board books if she is that interested in textures. Yesterday I was also able to talk to Tiffany, Hannah's birthmom. We had a nice chat and talked about coordinating our schedules to get together sometime before the holidays get too busy. We are hoping to get all the kids' pictures taken together if possible. I think it would be really nice for Hannah to have a picture of herself with her siblings.

Here is another video we have of Hannah being cute. Just click on the link to see the video.
The first picture is of Hannah petting Sadie. The second one is of Hannah sleeping in her Super Buddha pose in one of her new 6-12 month outfits from Billie Jo.


Angela - Life w/ Two Busy Boys said...

Love the video of Hannah! Joshua has the same little shy looks that are so precious!


Cloddy said...

Baby's got style!